In addition to the favorable factors in terms of time, travel costs, the method of selling by phone also contains many challenges that require sellers to overcome. The 5 golden keys below will help you gain more experience in making successful sales calls.
5 chìa khoá vàng để có 1 chiến dịch TeleMarketing thành công[:en]5 golden keys to a successful TeleMarketing campaign

5 golden keys to a successful TeleMarketing campaign

1. Prepare carefully the content of the TeleMarketing call:

“Don’t – prepare – prepare” is “Prepare – prepare for failure”. That is the immutable principle of any profession. Even if you are an expert in telesales, you cannot skip this stage.
Before each phone call, find out carefully the information about the customer on the business software and if possible, collect information related to the personality, habits, and preferences of the person you will make the call. . Open the sales script template and google it ready on desktop. The more elaborate your preparation, the higher your chances of success in your sales call will be.

2. Practice before performing:

If you are a beginner, this is an especially important step for you. You should remember, when you make a call, you are representing the image and brand of VUD. You do not have the right to “target customers” for your own mistakes.
You should ask for help from colleagues during the practice. Let them play the customer and you are a telemarketer making the call. Comments from colleagues during your practice will help you gain valuable experience to avoid possible mistakes when making real calls. And even if you’re already a “master” in telesales, you should take a few minutes to “imagine” the call you’re about to make.

3. Let your body relax:

Did you know, when communicating over the phone, the effectiveness of the message conveyed to customers is determined by 86% of the voice and only 14% through the content you exchange? That’s why your posture during the phone call has a particularly important impact on the final outcome of the call.
Before making the call, take a deep breath and treat yourself to a happy smile. Sit in the most comfortable position, put on headphones and place the microphone 6-8 cm close to your mouth to ensure that your voice is transmitted most accurately. Absolutely do not hold the phone when making a call, you must free all your hands to serve the sales work with the highest efficiency. Before making the call, take a deep breath and treat yourself to a happy smile.

4. Immediately grab the customer’s attention:

Customers do not have much time for you, especially by phone communication. Let’s get straight to the point, no lengthy explanations. Immediately impress customers with a professional, warm, solemn voice but still show respect. Talk to your customers as if you were a close friend who has been calling each other for a long time, blurring the unfamiliar distance between the two of you.

5. Let customers choose two in one:

As a professional salesperson, you must always have a sense of support and advice to help customers understand the most about the product being offered. Let’s give customers 2 solutions: I invite you to come over to me this weekend to find out information about this project, or I would like to ask for your permission to call from time to time to provide you with information about my products – Could you please give me your personal email address.


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