5 Technology to support agents in Contact Center

Currently, there are around 6,500 contact centers in the UK helping businesses increase sales and grow. But most of these contact centers are using old technologies. The use of new technology will actively support telemarketers and customers. Paul Turner offers some suggestions
1. Route calls
One of the important functions of the Contact Center is to ensure that calls are routed to the correct telephone operator. However, it is rare for a customer to call multiple times and talk to the same operator, so both the customer and the enumerator himself will find it frustrating and difficult when the call is not in the right place.
Applying call forwarding technology allows calls to be routed to the same operator who served the customer in the previous call, helping calls to be resolved faster, thereby creating a good relationship between customers. customers and businesses.

5 Technology to support agents in Contact Center

5 Technology to support agents in Contact Center

Call orientation helps calls to be resolved quickly (Image copyright: MP Telecom)In sales, relationship building is essential, especially if it is a potential customer who is actively calling the team sell. The fact that calls are transferred directly to the enumerator who spoke to the customer in the first place will help the customer continue the conversation easily, thereby reaching the contract signing steps faster.
Similarly, in customer care, call navigation helps customers receive care and support to solve problems quickly, easily and consistently from the same operator even though the customer calls many times.

2. Call recording

In the contact center, enumerators can be asked to replay calls through a 24-hour recording to find the necessary information. Managers or supervisors in the contact center can also do the same to check the call quality of the operator. This is extremely labor intensive and inefficient.
The solution that integrates voice recording with digital allows operators to perform simple and quick searches by caller ID. Search results will return the call as a digital file quickly.
Call recording can be a good resource for training purposes. Recorded calls will provide contact center managers with specific examples of good or bad calls, helping enumerators understand and better see the problem. This helps to improve the overall effectiveness of the training.
Another advantage when integrating the recording function in the contact center system is to help resolve customer disputes/complaints more effectively. For example, when a shift leader or supervisor needs assistance in resolving a customer complaint, they can fully listen back to all relevant calls and resolve disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. . In fact, by using call recording in this way, customer service costs are saved up to 20%.

3. Voice analysis

The latest innovation in technology speech analysis now is the ability to search for files call recordings through words or key phrases. This function is established as an invaluable tool for future contact centers.
Contact Centers often have a low supervisor/phone number, which means supervisors cannot hear all calls.
However, thanks to the software speech analysis, the shift leader or supervisor can check for issues related to legal compliance and check all activities of the enumerator. For example, enumerators who call customers on behalf of financial services companies need to comply with the regulations of the Financial Services Authority of the host country. Using software speech analysis, companies can search for call content that contains keywords related to a particular regulation.
When it comes to promotions or special offers that need to be amplified by telemarketers over calls, supervisors can use software speech analysis to check if enumerators are referring to those programs correctly. accurate and regular or not.

4. Flexible working location

Most contact centers have a fixed workplace, thus requiring enumerators to be present to work. Cloud computing technology helps to set up a contact center in any location as long as there is a phone, a computer and an internet connection.
This allows enumerators to work from home, reducing commuting pressure, reducing the carbon footprint of a business while providing employees with a better work-life balance.

5. Multi-card interface

In the absence of integrated technologies, enumerators often have to keep callers waiting while they search for necessary information in other systems. This makes customers unsatisfied when they have to wait, affects service quality and discourages enumerators.
An integrated multi-card interface allows telephonists to work efficiently, helping to find the necessary information quickly without interrupting the conversation or missing an incoming call.
Surveyors are often disciplined for providing poor quality of service, but that is not surprising if they do not have the technologies available to do the job effectively.
Contact centers need to review the technology they are adopting and assess whether it is supporting business goals or hindering service quality?

Author: Paul Turner

Source: NewVoiceMedia


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