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Developing in tandem with the era of AI technology, MP AI Call Center Solution is a solution to reach and take care of customers through thousands of optimized automated calls. In particular, businesses can solve the problem of cost & time saving, and the system setup becomes extremely simple.

Features of the AI Call Center solution


AI Chatbot: artificial intelligence allows to communicate with customers through natural language to automatically answer customers by text. Chatbots enhance the customer experience and shorten waiting time.”

AI. Smart Dialer

“It is a smart voice interaction system. The solution helps to automate the execution of tasks without having to meet an agent. Operations are based on the AI’s own thinking analysis that have been programmed before.”


“Callbot interacts with people through voice based on the technology of Speech Synthesis and Recognition. Callbot delivers natural experiences like interacting with real people, helping to increase customer satisfaction.”

“The difference of the AI Call Center solution “

  • AI Call Center allows supporting hundreds of customers at the same time with Vietnamese natural language.
  • Optimizes personnel costs, increases opportunities to reach customers and enhances competitiveness.
  • AI helps customers experience the self-service.
  • AI supports customers 24/7
  • Calls are personalized by content. AI allows flexible conversion from Text to speech and vice versa.

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