Auto Telesale - Automated calls help businesses reduce costs by 200%

In the era of growing digital economy, artificial intelligence technology is increasingly widely applied, especially in economic activities. The typical service that can be mentioned is Auto Telesale . This method is set up to help businesses optimize the sales process. Besides, it also helps to enhance interaction with users and improve the productivity of sales staff.

With Auto call, businesses can reach customers quickly and effectively. The system allows to automatically send information to customers, generate automated calls and give appropriate response to the situation thanks to AI technology. This saves time and enhances business efficiency, while helping to reduce costs and improve salesperson productivity. To better understand the operation method, benefits and applications of Auto Telesale service , please refer to the following article.

Introducing Auto Telesale solution

Auto Telesale is also known as Auto Call service. This is a solution designed to help businesses increase their ability to reach customers quickly and effectively. Telesale calling software is applied extremely advanced artificial intelligence technology, which can create automatic calls to many customers at the same time. Besides, the AI voice sound is 99% similar to real people, bringing naturalness to interactions.

Introducing Auto Telesale solution

What is auto call service? What function does telesale calling software have?

Automated calling solutions help businesses send information to customers quickly, accurately and conveniently. This method is considered to be more efficient than making a manual call. With Auto Telesale software, businesses can create automated calls to customers for the following purposes:

  • New product announcement
  • Introducing the promotion
  • Order confirmation
  • Collect information
  • Answer questions about products and services
  • Customer care

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Most especially, if businesses combine auto call services with a virtual PBX system, the efficiency of use will be increased many times. Specifically, the company will receive the following benefits:

  • Save nearly 700% on charges compared to traditional calling
  • Reduce the cost of hiring an operator on the system
  • Save time managing employees
  • Save time and effort because the system can automatically schedule and call many customers at the same time
  • The most accurate, complete and fastest data statistics
  • Support deploying multiple campaigns at the same time

System model and mode of operation Auto Telesale

The Auto call service model has the following main components and working methods:

System model and mode of operation Auto Telesale

System model and mode of operation Auto Telesale

Components of the system

The main components of the Auto Telesale service will include the following elements:

  • Computer set up free auto call software
  • Equipped with a call handling system
  • The device has a sim slot to save up to 700% on outgoing calls.
  • Recruiting 1-2 telesales staff to take calls

Mode of Operation

The form of automatic calling is done in one-way and two-way interaction methods. Detail:

  • One-way interaction

One-way interaction method is applied by businesses for the purpose of introducing new products or gratitude promotions. Therefore, when using auto call, businesses only need to set up greetings and content to promote and the system will automatically call customers. Thereby you do not need to spend any human resources for telesale activities.

  • 2-way interaction

With this method, businesses and companies can interact with each other. Therefore, the PBX system will be installed with shortcuts corresponding to many purposes and needs. Based on this, customers can hear exactly what they need, avoiding wandering when too much information is transmitted.


  • Call all customers on the list
  • When the customer picks up the phone, the automatic switchboard will read the greeting and information that is available by default.
  • If customers need to interact directly, they can press shortcuts to exchange with the operator.

Benefits of Auto Telesale system solution

When applying Auto Telesale service, businesses will receive the following benefits:

Help to call thousands of phone numbers at the same time

AI technology is set up automatically allowing the system to make multiple calls at the same time. These calls will proceed according to the installed list, so the accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed.

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Save on monthly payroll costs for employees

Thanks to telesale calling software, businesses will not have to hire many employees to operate the switchboard. Thus saving the following fees:

  • Monthly salary payment
  • Insurance fees
  • Office rental fee
  • Allowance fees and many other expenses

Benefits of Auto Telesale system solution

Benefits of Auto Telesale system solution

Save on calling charges compared to regular phone charges

The tangible benefit that businesses can realize when applying this service is to minimize call charges. Specifically, it will save up to 700% compared to applying traditional calls.

Optimizing time for business

Artificial intelligence technology can automatically call many customers at the same time. Therefore, businesses can spend time researching other activities to increase business efficiency.

Practical examples when applying the Auto Telesale automatic calling system

The problem is posed as follows: The business is planning to introduce new products to customers, so it has hired 10 agents. The salary per person is 8 million VND/month. On average, each employee will call 150 customers/day. Each call has an average duration of 2 minutes. So the expenses when the company makes manual calls and applies AI technology will be:

Cost of making a manual call

  • Employee salary: Number of people x salary = 10 x 8 = 80 million VND/month
  • Phone charges:

Calling minutes of 1 employee/month

Number of calls x time = 150 x 2 = 300 minutes

Fee for 1 employee/month:

Calling minutes x charge x number of days = 300 x 1,000 x 30 = 9 million VND/month

Fee for 10 employees/month

Number of employees x freight = 10 x 9 = 90 million VND

So, the amount of money a business has to spend each month is 80 million dong of employee salary and 90 million dong of phone charges. The total loss of the enterprise will be 170 million VND/month.

Cost when applying Auto Telesale:

  • Investment fee: Auto call system 80 million + 8 million (salary of system implementation staff)
  • Maintenance cost per month: 20 million call charges + 8 million (1 employee on duty) = 28 million/month

So, the total cost of 1 month that businesses have to spend when applying AI technology is 116 million VND. Save more than traditional calling 52 million. However, in the following years, the business only needs to pay maintenance costs, so the savings will be many times more.

Application of Auto Telesale solution in business

Auto Telesale technology can be applied to many fields, but it is most effective in the following activities:

  • Call customer care.
  • Filter customers.
  • Send automatic debit notices.
  • Market survey.
  • Collect user opinions.
  • Voice OTP code

Choose a reputable Auto Telesale solution provider

A reputable business will bring customers the most effective and quality service. Besides, the working process and system warranty is also more professional and transparent.

Choose a reputable Auto Telesale solution provider

Choose a reputable Auto Telesale solution provider

MP Telecom is proud to be a pioneer in the field of bringing technology services to customers. When using our Auto Call software, you will receive many incentives as follows:

  • Extremely fast service setup time
  • Software stable 24/7
  • Unlimited calls
  • Call at the same time to multiple phone numbers and not limited by region
  • High flexibility.
  • Consulting service 24/24
  • Support to repair quickly when the software has technical errors

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The above article has just provided detailed information about Auto Telesale service . It can be said that this is a great invention in industry 4.0, making the operation of businesses the most convenient and effective. Thanks to this tool, businesses can automate the sales process. Bring information about new products as well as promotions to users as quickly as possible. Most especially, the Auto call service helps the company save costs, time and effort. As a result, it is possible to focus maximum resources on key strengths to develop the company better and better.

Therefore, businesses and companies should quickly install auto call software for their business model. MP Telecom is a reputable unit with more than 20 years of experience in bringing technology solutions to customers. Contact us immediately for a free consultation and support to install Auto Telesale service quickly and effectively.

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