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Telesales is known as the most effective telemarketing method today. With this tool, businesses have collected thousands of orders per month with huge revenue. Therefore, this service is also welcomed by many companies and businesses. In which, Telesales service quote is the keyword that many customers are interested in. So is it expensive to use this utility? Compared with traditional sales, how much will telesales save and how effective will it be?

It can be said that telephone consultation is the fastest, most effective and least costly method of reaching customers. Unlike traditional marketing methods, telemarketing allows employees to reach potential customers directly. Then consult the product, persuade and close the sale more easily. To receive a quote for Telesales service , as well as learn more about the benefits that this activity brings, please continue reading the article right below.

What is Telesales service?

Telesales is known as sales consulting activities over the phone. The agent in charge of telesales will receive a list of customers from the business, then make a manual call to each phone number to advise on new products as well as applicable promotions.

What is telesales service? Telesales service provider company

What is telesales service? Telesales service company

Today, Telesales service is quite widely used in. This tool is trusted by insurance, financial, retail, service businesses, and even in B2B businesses to apply to the business model. It can be said that this is a direct marketing method and is able to reach potential customers quickly and effectively. At the same time, Telesales is also a tool to build relationships with customers and increase interaction with them.

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Quotation of Telesales service – Price list of Telesale calling service of MP Telecom

With more than 20 years of experience in bringing advanced technology solutions to businesses, MP Telecom is a pioneer with high reputation and top service quality in the industry.

To receive the most accurate telesales service quote, call us immediately at hotline: 1900585853 or send us a message via chatbox. The price list will have no fixed costs but will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Sales : For businesses that use telesale to close orders or cross-sell products, higher staff skills will be required. Consulting and persuasion time is also longer. Therefore, the cost of sales will be higher than customer care or promotion.
  • Amount of data to call: The quality of data in each list will be different. Therefore, the more data sources are used, the higher the efficiency will be. Therefore, if customers buy data at MP Telecom in large quantities, they will also receive more attractive incentives.
  • Areas of activity : Each field will have its own set of costs.
  • The length and requirements of the product scenario: If the business requires high quality, the price of Telesales service will also be higher. At the same time, the script length also affects the amount paid for this activity.

Compare the cost of internal Telesales and outsourced Telesales services

Once there is a price list of telesales services, customers often put them on the “balance sheet” to calculate whether using internal or outsourced telesales will be more effective. For specific answers, please see the following information:

Internal telesales

With this form, businesses have to spend a lot of money from recruiting, training employees to equipping supporting equipment. On average, a worker’s salary will fall to about 8 million VND/month, which means that the amount to spend to hire a telephone operator is nearly 100 million VND per year. Besides, the money to set up the office, buy a computer and a dedicated headset as well as the money for tables and chairs… are also quite large numbers. On average, in order for the internal telesales team to operate effectively, businesses have to spend from 500 to 1 billion VND/year.

Is the cost of internal Telesale different from the quote of outsourced Telesales service?

Is the cost of internal Telesale different from the quote of outsourced Telesales service?

Outsourced telesales

It can be said that outsourcing is an effective alternative, helping businesses save costs and improve working efficiency many times. Because in fact, the switchboards of the outsourcing company all have extremely high professional capacity. Besides, there are specialized machines to work, so businesses do not need to invest this expense. Most especially, when the company plans to launch products and promotions, it can look to third-party services and stop cooperating at the end of the project.

When using Telesales service at MP Telecom, you only need to pay 2 fees: data-based fee and telecommunications fee payable to the network operator. In addition, you do not need to hire too many employees, but only 1 system administrator can make many calls at the same time and still ensure efficiency.

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Benefits of outsourced Telesales service for businesses

It can be seen that the price of outsourced telesales service will be many times more economical than using internal personnel. Besides, when cooperating with a 3rd party also brings many benefits as follows:

Handling large amounts of data

MP Telecom owns more than 40,000 experienced consultants who can advise customers over the phone in the most professional and effective way. Besides, it is possible to connect with a large number of customers, increasing the number of processing dates 10 times more than traditional calling.

Optimizing call costs

Businesses only need to pay the phone fee and the amount of data called. Maximize savings on labor costs, equipment investment as well as office setup fees.

Intuitive management, instant reports

Thanks to the intervention of technology, the report was completed quickly and fully. Attached is the call recording file to check the quality of telemarketing activities.

Benefits of outsourced Telesales service for businesses

Benefits of outsourced Telesales service for businesses

Flexible business

Performing a variety of operations such as sales consulting, closing sales, introducing promotions, inviting events, taking care of customers….

Modern technology

Applying AI technology and many other technologies, can analyze keywords and detect errors immediately. Thereby giving accurate reports on call quality as well as appropriate adjustment direction.

Absolute security

Installed secure security to prevent phone numbers and customer information from being leaked to the outside.

Where to choose a professional outsourced Telesales service company?

In the 4.0 era, many digital technology companies were born to bring advanced and effective solutions to businesses. One of the pioneers that can be mentioned is MP Telecom. Established in 2002, up to now MP Telecom has cooperated and helped many domestic and foreign enterprises in managing, operating and developing the company.

Contact us immediately if customers are in need:

  • Save business operating costs
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Implement product promotion and promotion campaigns
  • Customer care…

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Above is information about Telesales service quote as well as the benefits that this model brings. It can be seen that in the digital economy era, traditional activities have been gradually replaced by high-tech forms, typically telemarketing services. Now businesses only need to script the system to be able to send the right target customers quickly and efficiently.

In addition, today there are outsourcing companies that can help businesses complete their telesale plans more effectively and also save large costs. The company only needs to cooperate with 3rd parties, the entire technology, employees and systems will be ready for business use. Most importantly, you can actively end the cooperation when the project is completed without the maintenance fee like using internal telesales. If customers need to outsource a consultant, please contact MP Telecom immediately to receive the most accurate Telesales service quote .

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