The classic secret of selling over the phone - Part 1

Telemarketing is one of the oldest methods of reaching customers, but it also provides the fastest results at a relatively low cost. As online business and software development, many businesses also recruit a department called Telesales, specializing in sales and consulting for customers.

Classic telemarketing tips. Illustration

Collect customer information

To convince someone, you first need to know who they are, what they need, and what they want. Picking up the phone without any customer information means you are preparing for a call to fail completely. Take advantage of the Internet and the information that sales staff provide to create a customer profile, which includes names, addresses, business areas, difficulties they are facing, even habits. their familiarity and preferences.
But why is there so much detailed information? Because each customer is different, from circumstances, needs to personality, only when you understand them well can you give convincing advice and lead them to your product.

Have the script ready

This sales secret may not work much for experienced Telesales employees, but it is very necessary for those who are new to the profession. In the script, there will be greetings, opening words, leading sentences, redirecting the topic or even apologizing, thanking customers. Although it is only a small detail, it will be very helpful for a beginner like you, helping you to communicate with guests properly and without getting stuck leading to stuttering. The script also outlines the main content that you need to say, avoiding the case of saying first and forgetting later and then repeatedly “yeah, ah” over the phone.

Straight to the problem

First, the customer has no idea who you are.
Second, the customer is not inherently expecting this call. So they will hang up immediately if you can’t engage them within the first 10 seconds of the call. Don’t be too fussy for the introduction of yourself and your business, keep it as short as possible and then get to the main point.
Of course, every conversation must have a beginning and an end, that is the rule of minimum respect for customers, but you are going to make a sale, not a phone call, so focus on selling. than.

Replace questions with suggestions

The mistake that many Telesales employees make when making a sale is asking customers too quickly, making them feel like they are being interrogated, not consulted. So, instead of using questionable questions, offer suggestions, suggesting options for guests. For example: “Can I see you XYZ this Wednesday or Thursday? For convenience, I will meet you near my store or if you see a good place, can you suggest me?”
The suggestions will make customers feel respected and … easier to breathe. They won’t like it when they arrange everything, so give them a few options to choose from, you can also keep the initiative.


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