Personalize better customer experience


Increasingly, customers are virtual to businesses rather than a physical presence, which makes it critical to match technology with the best customer experiences. But for modern businesses that interact with hundreds or even thousands of customers daily—either digitally or via voice—the challenge is how to leverage technology to create authentic personalization and compelling consumer experiences.
This often requires a delicate balance of automation and human interaction. Getting that balance just right requires the right tools and expertise. Here are a few strategies designed to guide you toward a better customer experience:

Personalize better customer experience

Personalize better customer experience

Measure Your Customer Experience

It’s hard to know how to improve your customer experience if you can’t quantify what it is to begin with. And with customers getting 24/7 access to businesses through multiple communications channels, it’s critical you have always-on measurement and monitoring, so you can respond quickly to any customer need or issue.
Avaya has developed several exciting tools that deliver smarter, intelligent and real-time performance measurement indicators. Take for instance the Digital Experience Index (DEI), an index linked to the AI algorithm that allows customer feedback to be automatically routed into the learning algorithm and to then update individual experiences accordingly. Other examples include the CES (Customer Efforts Score) and real-time UGC (User-Generated Content).

Understand and Predict Customer Needs

When you can combine and customize different data sources to meet the needs of your customers, you can achieve predictive routing and a more personalized customer experience. We all want to be understood, recognized and appreciated by the companies we buy from. In return for personalized experiences customers may show increased appreciation and loyalty.
Much like an in-store experience, when customers visit your website or call-in center, the objective is to understand, in real-time, their sentiment—to predict needs and deliver what the customer wants.
That’s why Avaya develops artificial intelligence and analytics platforms, while also allowing simultaneous third-party integration that can understand, route and address an immediate customer need. By developing new platforms and working with innovative partners, Avaya has been able to merge historic and real-time customer-related data to make an instantaneous real-time understanding of sentiment.

Agility at the Speed of Now

Customers expect personalized attention and efficiency. Without a team that’s agile, this can’t happen. A cooperative work environment, with state-of-the-art communication and collaboration facilities, can mean a smoother experience for end customers.
Avaya has updated its world-renowned communications platforms with fluidity at work in mind. So, no matter where the team is or what devices they’re working on, operations run seamlessly. Through this UC solution (that can live on the premises or in the cloud) companies gain supreme control over how their teams operate and engage with customers.

Empowered Employees = Customer Engagement

Employees are the direct link to customers and keeping them engaged and effective will reflect in better customer experiences. Studies have shown that organizations that engage customers and empower employees with effective and unified communication capabilities can see boosts in performance-related business outcomes of up to 240%, compared with competitors that have not done so.
At Avaya, we have support for unified communications—with all of our latest communications platform releases to better deliver flexible cloud deployment options adaptable for small, midsize or large businesses. Avaya Equinoxalso offers powerful call-reporting and measurement tools for enhanced customer engagement.

Personalized Service is Key

Customers expect a personal experience, whether it’s online or in person. And they expect to engage using the tools and technologies they prefer. To better understand and more easily engage with customers, companies invest in the right tools—smarter measurement that gives real-time insights into customer experience, collaboration tools that empower employees and promote agile problem solving, and smart, predictive technologies that help you create personalized experiences for all customers.

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