How does cloud computing improve customer service in small and medium-sized Contact Centers?

The holiday season and the close of one year brings on thoughts of a new start in the year ahead. It’s a time to reflect on what has happened in 2019 — the joys, the hardships, the triumphs and the mistakes — and set a path to improve for the next year. Typically, the resolutions list includes things like: exercise more, lose weight, spend less time on social media or clean out that overstuffed junk drawer. For contact centers, a move to cloud is one resolution you need to make to ensure you see improvements in 2020.

How Cloud Improves Customer Service in Mid-Sized Contact Centers. Source: Internet

A cloud contact center offers small and medium-sized businesses multiple benefits over a legacy, on-premises solution — improved scalability, heightened security and the ability to implement innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots, just to name a few. An all-in-one cloud contact center solution gives agents an easy-to-navigate user interface that sets them up to succeed and, ultimately, improves your customer service. And no matter whether you’re mid-market, commercial or enterprise, the cloud lets you differentiate yourself from the competition.
Make Every Day Easier With a Cloud Contact Center
A properly designed contact center system can bring harmony across your organization, with continuous innovation, scalability, security and reduced reliance on IT.
The Not-So-Scary Way to Level Up Your Contact Center
The most striking behavior across contact center managers often is a fear of change. And the move to cloud is no different. Business managers should find a way to get over your hesitation to gain the benefits of cloud contact centers.
3 Ways Cloud Improves Customer Service in Mid-Sized Call Centers
The holidays can be a busy time for contact centers, as your website traffic spikes, customer interactions increase and agent scheduling becomes more difficult. For the mid-market, a cloud contact center lets you simplify technology with an all-in-one solution. Ultimately, you’ll see agent productivity increase, you’ll improve reporting and boost KPIs.
The Power of Possibilities: Buy, Extend and Build on a True Cloud Platform
One of the most under-realized capabilities of a true cloud platform is the ability to buy a robust, open platform product that’s designed to be extensible. Lori Bocklun, Founder and President of Strategic Contact, and Roe Jones, Director of Product Marketing at Genesys, explain what an API-first platform approach is and why it matters, what has changed with the build-versus-buy debate and which approach is right for you. You’ll also gain some insight on where to start in your journey to cloud.

Source: Genesys

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