The importance of the Contact Center cannot be denied in an omni-channel distribution strategy, especially in the banking and finance industry, advises Silva, global retail director of IDC Financial. With 25 years of experience as an analyst, consultant and technology expert, he believes that although in the future is a mobile trend,  online banking with less human resources will attract attention. However, the Contact Center industry will still be one of the difficult solutions to replace in the field of finance and banking.


Contact Center is still an important factor in the banking industry

The human factor in the Contact Center industry is always one of the most challenging issues. According to a global survey, the job of receiving and processing Call Center is one of the most boring and expensive jobs to recruit and maintain. So this is why banks  don’t want to spend too much time and money on Contact Center while they can focus on their core mission.

Currently, one of the trends of Call Center is towards low-cost access channels such as interactive voice response, web, USSD and SMS. Organizations that want their customers to call their service representatives are only a last resort. Many  banks  are trying to simplify transactions right now, and calls will drop in the next three to four years. However, more complex customer interactions will still require a conversation between the customer and the call center agent.

Currently, the  banks  have created a team of Call Center specialists to handle email, webchat, video and social media in their Contact Center. New technologies will be at the forefront of their development strategy. The banking  sector is looking forward to a major shift towards the digital platform in customer service. The development of voice communication has slowed down because of the growth of banking mobile,banking online and other electronic channels.

Anyway, along with the development of technology, Contact Center is still an important factor for the service industry in general and the financial-banking industry in particular because of the nature of the Contact Center in this field as a bridge. between distribution to the final consumer.
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