With the trend of fierce competition in terms of quality and service in the market, more and more businesses are encouraged to invest in building a professional Contact Center. This is considered an important highlight in corporate culture and customer care culture in the context of globalization.
Với xu hướng cạnh tranh gay gắt về chất lượng, dịch vụ trên thị trường ngày càng thôi thúc các doanh nghiệp đầu tư xây dựng trung tâm chăm sóc khách hàng (Contact Center) chuyên nghiệp

Contact Center – Xu hướng chăm sóc khách hàng trong bối cảnh toàn cầu hóa

Affirming the advantage thanks to the quality of service

In the current business trend, when the difference in product quality and design between enterprises is increasingly narrowing, the competitiveness of the product itself is no longer decisive. The “trump card” has gradually shifted to the quality of customer care services because, today’s gods not only want to buy good, cheap products, but also want to enjoy the quality of after-sales service. , best warranty, most professional.
Therefore, many small businesses, with limited capital and human resources, when wanting to promote their advantages, often think about the ability to personalize customer service. The purpose of this motto is to give customers a special, valued feeling. Not only that, businesses will also benefit by the feeling of being “the only customer” that will easily motivate customers to return to buy, consume more and recommend your products to friends. relatives.
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A recent survey with 15 major financial institutions in Hanoi said that most businesses have plans to invest in a professional customer care system. In which, up to 60% of enterprises plan to build within the next 6 months, 30% plan to implement within the next 1 year and about 10% also plan to invest in the next 2 years. This survey also provides remarkable information that about 70% of financial institutions are expected to outsource customer care services.

Build a perfect professional Contact Center system

The problem for businesses is how to achieve customer satisfaction? Even if it has been implemented, or is still in the plan, the professional customer care centers (Contact Center) are always the concern of businesses. This is the bridge between customers and businesses, where the focus is on handling all customer requests through modern communication channels, such as phone systems, email, and other online media. Guide, provide, and answer information, bring satisfaction to customers.
In terms of technology, Contact Center is a higher development of the previous Call Centers. If Call Center is the main form of communication by phone (the most obvious image is many employees sitting on the phone to answer customer calls), then Contact Center is a unified combination of methods. interact with customers, from phone, email, website to chat (live conversation), or instant messaging (Instant messaging).
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Contact Center allows to control interactions between customers and businesses in a comprehensive way. For example, the technology at a Contact Center helps control the process of customers accessing the website, finding information, from which there are solutions to improve and improve the quality of the website to serve readers; In addition, calls, emails, chat sessions to the center are also strictly managed and coordinated to respond in a timely manner. This not only diversifies the form of communication with customers, but also increases service quality.
By this time, most of the big “names” in the world in the field of Call Center or Contact Center have been present in Vietnam. These technology systems have different characteristics, but generally allow interoperability with most customer relationship management (CRM) software. With a population of more than 90 million people, open door policy and economic integration, advanced technologies in telecommunications, Internet, bandwidth, television, continuous development… Vietnam is considered a market. potential field to build Contact Center systems. The areas where the Contact Center system will be applied and thrived are banks with the development of ATM cards, insurance, telecommunications service providers with nearly >54 million mobile subscribers… Vietnam currently has many large enterprises with good customer care systems such as VPBank, SCB,  ANZ,  BIDV, VinaPhone, MobiFone, Viettel, AVG,… with Interactive Intelligent’s CIC Solution  being  MPTelecom (the company’s official partner in Vietnam). Vietnam) successful implementation has brought interesting experiences to customers and won a great advantage in the market.

What do customers benefit from Contact Center service?

Interacting through Contact Center, both customers and businesses benefit. The object of service of Contact Center systems are all users and businesses, multinational companies, business partners dealing online with a large number of customers at the same time: sales, promotion. businesses, consulting, answering questions, handling information for customers from A-Z about products, services, warranty, after-sales … For customers, they will really feel that they are superior. When needs are met quickly, are supported effectively.

For businesses, using the Contact Center system will create a high-class business style in today’s fierce competition. Businesses can save a lot of costs when building a customer care system model such as: infrastructure investment costs, recruitment costs, personnel training costs for consulting and answering. client. They will be able to provide more perfect customer service, have the most centralized information about retail customers as well as large partners, and quickly detect and handle problems. From there, businesses make the most of all high-end resources to focus on their core business strategies.
Depending on the financial and human resources, businesses can choose for themselves a solution: self-deployment, or outsource this activity for the purpose of taking advantage of facilities, or taking advantage of financial resources. labor. If you implement the Contact Center model well, businesses will certainly have significant improvements in bringing interesting experiences to customers and gaining an advantage in the market.


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