“Lễ tân” (Front Officer) đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong việc điều hành thành công của các doanh nghiệp
“Lễ tân” (Front Officer) đóng một vai trò quan trọng trong việc điều hành thành công của các doanh nghiệp

Provide HR & reception administrative solutions
“Reception” (Front Officer) plays an important role in the success of operating businesses
Office all day sitting, “wrestle” between the papers, records and work day like any day, arranging and recording. That is all what people think about professional administrative office receptionist, a job under the majority’s opinion that there is no percentage taken a fun and attractive.
But in fact “the Protocol” (Front Officer) plays an important role in the success of operating businesses: Hotels, Resort, buildings, offices … Testimonials professionalism, quality products, services, corporate culture by first contact with professional receptionist or customer relations.

Primary job of receptionist administrative staff as follows:

Clerical work: Receipt of documents and papers submitted to the company, and transferred authority to settle, the clues send dispatches, papers, documents outside the company, held the entire archive dispatch systems, paperwork, contracts and related documents … The Front: Listen to and receive calls customers to contact the company, assist the Board of Directors at the Company continued support for the internal meeting of the Company
Support the project: Support groups and play packages in the project, signed by members inside and outside the company participated in the project contractors, support for the deployment of field work in the provinces ( set of vehicles, hotels, airfare, visa procedures as necessary …), preparing equipment and stationery for group field trips (recorders, cameras, phones, Fast Connect .. )
The management of property and equipment: Plan to procurement, responsible for tracking and managing assets, office equipment, stationery shop and the usual utensils at the company, management management and operation of the library system, the company’s books.
The other administrative tasks: task scheduling support for leaders (taxi, restaurant, hotel, airfare …), shopping for necessities (tea, coffee …) for company offices and organizations birthday party for the members of the company in January …
With over 11 years of operation in the field of outsourcing, knowledge of Vietnam’s labor market, data-rich directories including many candidates have many years of experience in various fields at major corporations. Along with professional service style of team recruitment consultancy, MP Telecom ready to provide you quality business services to a high standard with competitive fees – commitment to convergence both staff qualifications technical skills & Administrative Services Receptionist.

Skills training course text editor basic administrative

At work, word processing skills play an important part in completing the assigned tasks. There are skills good text editor, you can easily edit the text commonly used administrative tasks as required.


– Administrative Staff / Secretary / Assistant
– The middle managers

Objective knowledge:

– Know the procedure and presentation documents as prescribed
– Presented in clear text, impressive and convincing the reader
– Information for easier staff


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