PG của MP Telecom trong một sự kiện
PG của MP Telecom trong một sự kiện

Promotion Girl, is the beautiful young girls, part-time work, stand to introduction product, sales promotion, the hair sample, even introduced online gaming MC . Considered as the face of the product, the selection is very strict PG, and one of the first factors to recruit PG is to choose the girl over 165cm tall, good-looking face, good communication skills.
PG working in two forms, fixed (who stood at the counter to recommend products to customers) and mobility (getting the show in shifts, working at the opening ceremony, inauguration or leaflets, march promotional products). These individuals can appear anywhere at the request of the support staff at the inauguration ceremony, grand opening, anniversary, seminar, meeting … to launching new products every year, birthday party, photography, fashion show, live phone staff … Besides, PG can be doubled as MC for the ceremony if capable of public speaking, this requires good looks and a good language skills, not to mention language skills for the ceremony were both foreigners.
With over 11 years of operation in the field of outsourcing, knowledge of Vietnam’s labor market, data-rich directories including many candidates have many years of experience in various fields at major corporations. Along with professional service style of team recruitment consultancy, MP Telecom ready to provide you quality business services to a high standard with competitive fees – commitment to convergence both staff qualifications professional services skills PG / Marketing Sales

The training communication skills and basic behaviors PG

In life, in daily communication people always know how to respond to situations, sometimes easy to handle, it’s sometimes difficult to handle complexity. More civilized society, the communication needs of the higher man. Conduct an intelligent, clever, subtle, timely, effective, reaching the level of art, even today is considered the secret of success in life, in work.

Object: For every object

– Pupils and Students
– Office staff
– Staff PG / sales / product marketing

Objective knowledge:

– Recognizing the importance of communication, use of thinking, knowledge, art and communication methods to achieve high results
– Enhanced ability to communicate in life, learning
– Capacity building and communication arts with each individual in different situations
– Shared secret used effectively in communicating information


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