Trong thế giới của nghề trợ lý giám đốc, nữ giới luôn chiếm đa số.
Trong thế giới của nghề trợ lý giám đốc, nữ giới luôn chiếm đa số.

Behind any successful manager, needs the help of a powerful assistant (Personal Assistant), who helps the manager in daily tasks, and coordinate the implementation of PR activities; logistical concerns for the board of directors and partners in the business trip; perform duties assigned by the Director … help directors fulfill their outstanding work.
There is a difference between a secretary to assistant director. By the secretary can not do the requirements for the position of assistant, assistant while still fulfill our duties of a secretary.
The assistant is not simply directly assisting the director, review, assess the situation, but also feedback to consult the director before deciding. In some cases, the Assistant Director is addressing some of the work authorized by the director.
In the world of professional administrative assistant, women are the majority. They were chosen because priority has qualities that are difficult to reach men as careful, skillful, gentle female assistant … Sometimes there are factors that soothe the “hot head” when job stress .
In addition to professional work, each assistant also bring success to the company via social and professional, always upbeat and humor in the debate.

Factors to success

Requires skill, expertise location is very high. A trading company specializing in exporting to foreign markets position of assistant director of client must meet the following requirements: Degree in International Finance, over 2 years of work experience in relevant languages English fluency and understanding of the world market. Besides, there should be flexibility, confidence, judgment is fast and capable of advising.
Expertise is not necessarily successful. Therefore, if the assistant could not develop the capacity to work to keep up the rhythm of the work, the company would necessarily be eliminated. To solve the task, an assistant must practice and gain experience in diplomacy, good organizational ability, cleverly harmonized with negotiating partners. And “each part must be well-defined, what did it matter wholeheartedly force”.
The working environment of the assistants should always necessarily athletes must be able to withstand high pressure job, working independently and frequent business trips. All these factors, if applied by the passion, effort to explore learning and passionate will bring more chances of success. Many companies are now expanding business needs assistants are eligible talent. They are willing to pay attractive salaries to attract talent.
With over 11 years of operation in the field of outsourcing, knowledge of Vietnam’s labor market, data-rich directories including many candidates have many years of experience in many fields in large corporations. Along with professional service style of team recruitment consultancy, MP Telecom ready to provide you quality business services to a high standard with competitive fees – commitment to convergence both staff qualifications technical skills & Services Assistant Secretary.

Skills training course text editor basic administrative

At work, word processing skills play an important part in completing the assigned tasks. There are skills good text editor, you can easily edit the text commonly used administrative tasks as required.
– Administrative Staff / Secretary / Assistant
– The middle managers
Objective knowledge:
– Know the procedures and presenting text prescribed
– Presented in clear text, impressive and convincing the reader
– Information for easier staff


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