What is the Hotline number? Experience choosing the most suitable number

Have you ever wondered what is Hotline? And why do businesses set up a special hotline number instead of a regular phone number? In fact, the hotline is the most important communication channel between the company and the customer. Thanks to this phone number, the company can advise products, answer questions and provide service advice to customers quickly, simply and accurately. Besides, the hotline number is also set up from an easy-to-remember number sequence, which can make a strong impression on customers.

It can be seen that identifying a hotline number will help businesses bring many benefits. The company will not only increase brand awareness, but also the form of communication with customers will become more professional. Currently, carriers provide 4 basic hotline numbers: 1900, 1800, 08xx and 09xx. Each type will be suitable for the size of the company and its own type of business. So, want to know what is the hotline number ? How to choose a hotline number to match your business model? Follow the article below to get the correct answer.

What is the hotline number?

The hotline number is a hotline used as a communication channel between businesses and customers. Usually, companies will use hotlines to receive feedback, answer questions or provide service advice to users. Not only that, the hotline also has the ability to increase prestige, increase brand recognition, in addition, it also helps to increase revenue and support business expansion.

Đầu số hotline là gì? Gọi hotline có mất tiền không?

What is the hotline number? Does calling the hotline cost money?

This product is applied to most businesses, organizations and companies around the world. Especially business models specializing in customer care or selling products need a hotline.

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Which number should I choose to make a hotline for a business switchboard?

A hotline number for a business switchboard is an important portal for customers to connect to businesses. For the most accurate and complete answer, please continue to follow the information right below:

Hotline 1900

It can be said that the hotline 1900 is the most common number used by most large businesses because of its easy to remember. According to research, this hotline is used to consult sales or answer questions for users. Here is the specific information about the number 1900:

Features of the number 1900

  • The 1900 number is charged more than regular hotline numbers and is usually charged per minute.
  • The discount rate is specified separately according to the agreement of the companies.
  • Charge according to the 1 minute + 1 minute rule, specifically: If the customer calls 60s, the fee will be calculated as 1 minute, calls 61s, the charge will be 2 minutes.
  • Only receive incoming calls, do not make outgoing calls.

Advantages of first number 1900

Normally, the hotline 1900 will have 2 formats of 8 numbers and 10 numbers, both of which will start with the number 1900. With this hotline number, customers can register easily without having to be bound by the hotline. area code. Here are some of the outstanding advantages of this number:

  • Professional: Provide professional services such as consulting, technical support, customer support, chat, video games…So businesses can bring the best quality service to customers. user.
  • Increase sales : The company usually provides the best support services to customers via hotline.
  • Increase credibility: Using the 1900 number helps increase the credibility of the business and helps build a better brand image in the eyes of customers.
  • Easy service management: Make it easier for businesses to manage services and receive feedback from customers.
  • High discount: The 1900 number has a high fee, so using this number can help businesses generate a stable income from the services provided.

Disadvantages of first number 1900

For many people, when they first learn about the definition of a Hotline or the services of registering a hotline number, they will often think of the first number 1900. However, besides the advantages, the 1900 number also has its limitations. that everyone should also refer to.

  • Charge high
  • Difficulty in choosing the desired sequence of numbers
  • Risk of fraud or fraud from some unreliable services.

Who should choose the first number 1900?

  • Businesses that provide support services, technical advice, customer support…
  • The company wants to strengthen its brand image and credibility with customers.
  • Businesses want to increase sales and attract new customers.
  • Companies or businesses that want to generate a steady source of income from the services provided.
  • Organizations, agencies or individuals wishing to provide consulting services, answer questions or chat with customers.

What is the hotline number 1900? Where can I buy a 1900 number?

What is the hotline number 1900? Where can I buy a 1900 number?

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Hotline 1800

In fact, each hotline will have different characteristics and operating properties. Similar to the 1800 number, it will be different from 1900 because when calling this number, customers will not be charged. To understand more about what the hotline numbers are, the following are detailed information about the 1800 hotline number.

Features of 1800 terminal

An 1800 number is a phone number used to contact businesses or organizations without having to pay a calling fee. Specifically, the charges incurred during the communication process will be paid by the company and the business.

Advantages of first number 1800

  • Create convenience for customers: When customers have questions or need advice, customers can call the business for free.
  • Easy to remember : Designed to be easier to remember and remember than other numbers, helping to increase the ability of customers to remember and use in the future.
  • Enhance brand image: Using this number helps businesses make a good impression on customers, increase brand building ability and increase credibility.
  • Enhanced customer service: Businesses can use the 1800 number to provide customer support or solve customer problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Ease of Management: Organizations will easily manage services and receive feedback from customers, helping to improve service quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

Disadvantage of first number 1800

  • High fees for businesses, organizations or individuals
  • Limited flexibility in changing service providers
  • Geographically restricted when used in a certain area only.

Who should choose the 1800 number?

The 1800 number is often used by large-scale businesses or organizations that need to interact with customers a lot and want to provide better customer support services. Businesses in the retail, service, travel, insurance, banking, and financial sectors often use the 1800 number to provide customer support.

Mobile number

When learning about what hotline numbers are today, it is impossible not to mention mobile numbers. At the present time, mobile number terminals are gradually being used by businesses as a hotline because of the following advantages and disadvantages:

Features of mobile number terminals

Mobile hotline numbers are phone numbers starting with the prefix 09 or 08, used for communication between customers and businesses. The special feature of the mobile hotline number is its portability, the ability to use it from any location, which makes it easier and more convenient for customers to contact businesses.

Advantages of a mobile number

  • Flexibility : Allows businesses to move, operate across multiple locations, and customers can easily contact them at any time.
  • Ease of use : Make it easy for customers to contact your business by direct call or SMS.
  • Increase customer reach: Help reach more customers, especially customers using mobile phones.
  • Improve customer service: Resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Create trust and brand: Create customer trust and build the brand of the business. Thereby enhancing the development and expansion of business scale.

Disadvantages of mobile number

  • Call charges may be higher than other numbers
  • Not as prestigious as the number 1900 or 1800

Who should choose a mobile number?

  • Businesses and organizations need to communicate with customers quickly and conveniently. Especially when operating across multiple locations or when there is a need to interact with customers via mobile phones.
  • Small and medium enterprises are looking to build their brands and increase the trust of their customers.
  • Non-profit organizations or government agencies.

Fixed prefix

When you want to set up a hotline, businesses always learn carefully about the hotline numbers, as well as the benefits that the hotline brings. In addition, choosing a suitable number is a dilemma for many users. The following will be the specific information of the fixed hotline number.

What is the hotline number? What is a fixed number? Prestigious hotline number service providers today

What is the hotline number? What is a fixed number? Prestigious hotline number service providers today

Features of fixed number terminal

This number is used as an official communication channel to provide support to customers or business partners. Like a regular fixed line number, a fixed hotline number is also associated with a specific physical address.

Advantages of a fixed number

  • Easy to remember
  • Professionalism: Increasing professionalism, contributing to building credibility and creating trust for customers.
  • Cost reduction: The cost is cheaper than the rest of the numbers.
  • Stability and reliability: No network drops, ensuring customers can always call the hotline number.

Disadvantages of a fixed number

  • Difficult to remember: The length of the hotline number is 11 numbers
  • Difficulty in brand recognition if the company establishes many branches in many localities. Because in fact, it is not possible to create the same fixed line of hotline numbers for all places.

Who should choose a fixed number?

All businesses, agencies, organizations or individuals when in need can use this number.

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Experience choosing a hotline number easily

How is the experience to choose the right hotline number? All will be answered right here:

  • Suitable for the business field: The hotline number needs to be suitable for the business field of the business, helping customers easily identify and connect to the right department or support specialist.
  • Reasonable price: It is advisable to find out the prices of the hotline number providers to be able to choose a reasonable price and in accordance with the budget of the business.
  • Synchronize information on the system: Change the hotline number on the website, fanpage and company documents when changing to a new number.
  • Building a professional system from consulting products, taking care of customers to providing information.

What is the experience of choosing a hotline number? Which phone number should the company choose?

What is the experience of choosing a hotline number? Which phone number should the company choose?

To build a hotline, what do businesses need to prepare?

To build a hotline, businesses need to actively prepare the following requirements:

Number head

The above article has just provided information about the hotline as well as the appropriate hotline numbers for whom. Based on this, customers can choose for themselves a suitable number. Besides, you can also contact service companies to support consulting and choose the most suitable number series.

PBX system

The PBX system is the place to coordinate and manage all incoming and outgoing calls of the business. Currently, businesses prefer to choose a virtual management system to ensure professionalism, efficiency and save investment costs.


Normally, businesses will have 2 options: equipped with softphone or IP Iphone and dedicated headset. However, Softphone is not durable, so companies need to be careful when using this device.

Internet connection

When building a hotline, it is mandatory for companies and businesses to connect to the internet. This line needs to ensure stability to increase communication efficiency between businesses and customers. Besides, it is necessary to equip additional backup backup to prevent transmission line problems.

The process of registering a hotline number for businesses at MP Telecom

Currently, what is the process to register for a hotline number? Customers who want to register a hotline number for businesses can contact MP Telecom and follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Register the hotline number

  • Businesses and companies choose the number of hotlines according to their needs
  • Photo of business owner’s GPKD or CCCD
  • Submit a referral or power of attorney
  • Company’s account number (If customer wants to register first number 1900)

Step 2: Select an internal switchboard to optimize listening and calling efficiency

  • Use an IP virtual PBX or call center
  • Provide business license

Step 3: Set up, deploy and put the digital terminal into action

  • Set up a business address and usable features
  • Set up the call center greeting
  • Instructions for using the switchboard for specific purposes

Normally, the time MP Telecom completes the installation and supply will take place within 3 minutes. This time also depends on the number of agents and the available switchboard system of the enterprise.

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Through the article on MP Telecom has just provided customers with useful information about the question What is Hotline? Hotline numbers are commonly used today. Besides, the article also analyzes in detail the characteristics of the number terminals, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each hotline. Based on this, businesses can choose for themselves a series of numbers that are suitable for their business model as well as company size.

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the hotline is extremely important and necessary for businesses. This is the means of closer connection between the company and the customer. Besides, it also improves professionalism, increases revenue, expands markets, supports brand identity development… Therefore, from now on, companies should quickly contact MP Telecom for advice. Free consultation and support to install the fastest and most prestigious hotline. Hopefully the knowledge about what a hotline number is as well as how to choose the right hotline will help companies, individuals and businesses in choosing the number range for the hotline. Don’t forget to visit MP Telecom’s website for more useful information about technology.

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