Contact Center giúp các hãng truyền hình phát triển và duy trì thị phần
Contact Center giúp các hãng truyền hình phát triển và duy trì thị phần

Although Vietnam is a country with many television stations in the world and the kind of rank vendors are “blooming”, but behind the painting “brilliant” is very bleak reality. According to new data published by the Ministry of Information and Communications, in the past year there were 20 of the 47 companies were short-lived and withdrew from the pay TV market. Thus television Vietnam is 27 now remaining on the market provides about 4.4 million subscribers across the country.
Cable TV market share in 2012. Data source: White Paper Information Technology and Communications Vietnam 2013
Accordingly, the Ministry of Information and Communications is encouraging enterprises to apply new technologies, systems and promulgate technical standards for the quality of service radio and television; the type of service required radio and television must have quality management process clear. In addition to effectively use broadband transmission infrastructure is available, the unit offers TV service is also very interested in the technology solutions Call / Contact Center to ensure professionalism in customer service.
Contact Center will help businesses maintain market share in the TV service. Although Vietnam has many television stations, but the fragmented activities, organized by type of local, small scale and using old technology. In the internet age has created a wide selection of alternative entertainment for a lower cost, making users very easy to turn your back to the TV service already poor quality of the content that the service is not satisfactory complacency. “Cable television channels or more and less. There are also overlapping channels. It is better to watch movies on the internet or even more. “- Hung Readers share personal opinions on 09/18/2013 VNExpress last day.
It is true that more and more young people in Vietnam as a way of Hung readers. However, some units offer cable TV service can combat this disturbing trend by enhancing their customer service, and promote access to young customers through a solution Contact Center professionals, integrating all communication channels operating on a unified platform.
Whether your television company operating a large scale or small, setting up Contact Center systems can help promote your business through the process of cutting costs for the sewing operation is not necessary or discrete ago here, at the same time maintaining good relationships with customers.

Customer Service

Is there a way that the cable company can apply to limit the number of customers “defecting” that is working hard to bring our customers the support and maintenance of the most dedicated. One of the aspects that cable subscribers are not satisfied that these visits is broken or the shaft of other technical functions. In fact many people use cable television services faced this situation, after many hours trying in vain to contact the support team of providers for their services.
Standby time or continuous busy signals on the telephone line may well be the main cause for the decision to leave or not renewing client contracts. However, using a Call / Contact Center is ready to serve 24/7, broadcasters can ensure their customers always have access whenever needed.
Do’ve been trained to serve the professional style in all forms and means of connection, the Contact Center staff can help significantly reduce the average amount of time customers must wait to be help.
The cable TV companies are trying to retain existing customers and attract new customers may want to contact MP Telecom – unit offers solutions & services Call / Contact Center No.1 Vietnam – to check investigate and find out the most suitable service package via email or Hotline 1900 585 853.


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