Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) involves in contracting a third party partner to perform specific business functions such as human resource management, customer relationship management, supply chain management… which will help a company to rest focus on main businesses. BPO is also considered a business tool to save costs for items of work it needs to deal with.


All companies now are facing huge pressure to perform more and spend less while managers need to focus simultaneously on strategy planning and daily operations, struggling at maximizing both. In order to focus more on main businesses, you can just hire a third party to provide services to handle daily operations such as IT support, payment process, customer care, data input… The foreseen benefits of this method are to enhance work efficiency, save costs and focus on important functions, technology renovations with better quality by which overall competitively of a company is guaranteed. With our BPO service, you can essentially save operations and management costs to promptly provide more new products or services, better improve customers’ satisfaction and concentrate more in your core businesses. Our BPO service combines profound expertise in business, enhance solution processes for daily operations and apply advanced technology with enhanced support from many partners. We always work with high caution in line with your business requirements while maintaining high efficiency and cost cutting. As a consequence is a logical working process by achieving top goal of enhancing efficiency and productivity.

MP Telecom not only provides Outsourcing Services in the short term but also willing to cooperate in long-term relationship in order to minimize all the risk for every business. This can help businesses to reduce the pressure on time and budget, especially to reduce the business processes that are not really necessary and time-consuming.

By combining the best technology, with proficiency in many areas, and workforce always aim for the success of our customers, we are proud to bring the best solution and services in BPO industry.

MP Telecom’s Infrastructure

MP TELECOM headquartered in Hanoi with two branches in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang – the regions with the highest growth in Vietnam. Also, with two representative offices in Japan and Philippine, MP TELECOM has the high availability system and to expand the provision of services to our customers.

Certification of BPO Services

MP has achieved the Certification of Quality Management (ISO 9001:2008) and the Certification of Information Security (ISO 27001:2005) for BPO services. All customers’ information is fully protected under international standards of the Information Security Management System, which is security process used on daily basic.

Commitment to the Information Security

  • Businesses’ information is absolute secured
  • Personal’s information is absolute secured

Commitment to the Market

  • Willingness in cooperation and reduce risk for customers
  • Minimizing the costs and increase revenue
  • Improving the productivity, efficiency of business
  • Focusing on new projects
  • Focusing on potential keys
  • Improve the quality and business performance significantly


Hotline: +84 906202098 – Tel: +84-4-3577 1608/ 3577 1609


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