Healthcare services and innovative approachesHealthcare services and innovative approaches

As the healthcare industry evolves, the expectations of customers (patients, members, providers, payers and others) also change. So the healthcare industry’s ability to meet the demands of the customers they service is becoming more challenging.
Healthcare services and innovative approaches

Healthcare services and innovative approaches

With the multichannel platform from Interactive Intelligence, unique member and patient service strategies are at your fingertips. Now your organization can engage with existing members and patients in a way that makes you competitive and helps you retain ongoing relationships.
Practice proactive patient engagement
With patient follow-up and population management at the forefront of many provider initiatives, it is essential to find ways to automate patient contact. From appointment reminders to procedure follow-up and prescription refills, process automation tools allow streamlined communication to ensure these tasks are never overlooked and prevent extra expenses for the provider. Additionally, notifications can be tracked and delivered through the preferred channel of the patient to help increase loyalty.
Improve member services
Competition between health insurers is an increasing reality. From innovative member engagement strategies to faster claims processing, insurers are seizing the opportunity to compete for new business that may have not been there in the past. With stronger regulations and increased sales channels, the member experience is edging its way to the top of the list of priorities for potential members. By offering multichannel options for member engagement and more efficient claims handling and processing, many of the headaches of dealing with payers can be a thing of the past for your members. Communications, content, and processes are all handled seamlessly for an improved member experience that saves your organization money and resources.
Increase collections efforts and success rates
Whether it is the responsibility of the payer or the provider, bill collection is a big part of the healthcare industry. Creating an automated approach to debt collection can help ensure better success rates, increase outreach and contact, and more intelligently track and pinpoint when to put a representative on the phone. It is no longer a ‘dialing for dollars’ approach that creates frustration for employees. Giving users the technology to create more automated outbound dialing campaigns as well as better collection tracking tools creates a more effective environment for bill and debt collection.


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