Contact Center Service - Customer care over the phone (Part 1)

The birth of the 108 switchboard (Telephone answering service) of the Vietnam Post industry in 1993 can be considered as a milestone marking the presence of the Call Center type. – in Viet Nam.

Dịch vụ Contact Center - Dịch vụ chăm sóc khách hàng qua điện thoại (Phần 1)

Contact Center Service – Customer care over the phone (Part 1)

Since then, starting with telecommunications companies, Call Centers have been built and operated in different industries with sizes ranging from a few dozen people to hundreds of people. In 2004, I started my job as a telephone operator in the 24/7 support department of ANZ bank Vietnam, the predecessor of today’s Call Center ANZ. My job is to receive, answer information about products, services and support customers over the phone. Up to now, the Call Center industry in Vietnam has developed strongly and has taken a big step towards becoming a professional Contact Center.
Contact Center – The contact center or customer service center is the center that receives and responds to product and service information and supports customers through communication channels such as phone, e-mail, chat. Besides making the most of phone technology, Contact Center is also responsible for making outbound calls for sales (TeleSales), customer care, product and service marketing (TeleMarekting), and surveying opinions. customer, market survey (TeleSurvey).
In Vietnam, when it comes to Call Center / Contact Center Service, when it comes to customer service by phone, most non-professionals think of a simple job like answering a telephone switchboard where The operator just listens and answers the phone. The reality is not, the phone calls to the customer service center are the evolutions of the circumstances of the customer interaction, the customer’s life, the customer’s work, and the behavior depending on the customer. client’s cultural background. These developments never had a pattern. To improvise with such developments requires the operator to “improvise”, that is, to achieve the goal of satisfying customers. The caller must have a rich life history, professional customer service skills and outstanding behavioral experience. The profession of customer service over the phone, therefore, is not easy.
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