Today, MPTELECOM will introduce to you Part 2 of the article about Contact Center Service – Customer care service over the phone.

Dịch vụ Contact Center – Dịch vụ chăm sóc khách hàng qua điện thoại

Contact Center Service – Customer care service over the phone

Face-to-face customer service professions such as receptionists (hotels), waitresses (restaurants), tellers (banks) have many advantages, where service workers have support. of space, time and colleagues when working. The interior decor, ambience, eye contact, smile, and attention-grabbing moments are all advantages that help reduce pressure in all service situations where the customer service profession over the phone cannot be obtained.
For telephone customer service professionals, voice is the only means of perceiving a customer each time a call is received. The voice of the operator brings all the emotions, smiles and information conveyed to the customer in the tight space of a headset and the short duration of the call in minutes. The telephone operator must face all situations alone, both retrieving information, consulting, thinking and finding solutions, and recording the content of the call for customer satisfaction and management without blame. And yet, when the call ends, the system automatically saves the entire content and transfers it to a 3rd party to check and evaluate. That third party is quality monitoring. Tight space, short time, customers, quality control and supervision have made the telephone customer service profession the most stressful profession in the service industry, and therefore, the profession. the hardest of all the service professions.
I came into the electric customer service profession by accident, which has given me so many emotional experiences watching desperate customers get help and reassurance; angry customers are appeased and a solution is provided; Confused customers are smoothed and made confident. The coincidence shows me that my work is useful to the client and motivates me to explore and develop. Finally gave me a real career – telephone customer service.
In an organization, a customer service center or Call Center/ Contact Center is a very good learning and training environment for anyone new to the industry. Example: The industry I work in is the banking industry. When I started working at the customer service center, I was trained in all banking products and services to advise customers. To assist with client transactions, I was trained in the use of banking systems, thereby gaining an understanding of bank operations. Besides, I learned about customer service, how to handle situations and many other soft skills. All have supported and helped me a lot, after two to three years of working, I want to try my hand at a customer field in the same bank.
Customer service over the phone is a difficult and stressful job, but like many other difficult jobs, if you do the job with a real passion and are professionally guided, the person doing the job will can make difficulties easy and successful. Through these 2 articles Contact Center Service – Telephone Customer Care Service (Part 1) and this part 2, I hope that you, whether you are a beginner or an expert in telephone customer service, also find things interesting and rewarding for yourself and for your career.


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