What is IT Outsourcing? Choose a reputable IT Outsourcing service

Today, the trend of using outsourced services or freelance programming is becoming more and more popular. This method not only helps businesses improve business efficiency but also saves quite a lot of costs. In which, IT Outsourcing service is the most used form by many companies. It can be said that IT Outsourcing is the “effective right hand” of businesses in the digital era. With this method, the company can reduce personnel costs but still ensure all activities are performed normally.

In fact, not all business models have enough funds to invest in company activities. In which technology is the most difficult problem. This form not only costs a lot of investment but also has good professional competence. If you want to hire an official employee, the monthly salary must be very high, but it is unlikely to meet the development trend of society. At this time, outsourcing IT services is the best option. So what is IT Outsourcing service? How many types of IT Outsourcing are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this form? Let’s find out with MP Telecom through the following article.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is a form of hiring a third party to assist companies and businesses in operating, managing and maintaining information technology systems. Companies providing IT Outsourcing services will arrange personnel in accordance with the business model of the customer. These members will be responsible for closely monitoring the company’s activities and properly assessing the issues going on here. From there, the most appropriate solution and operating method are proposed. As a result, businesses can maximize human resources, improve operational efficiency, and save operating and management costs.

What is IT Outsourcing? Choose a reputable IT Outsourcing service

What is IT Helpdesk Service?

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What is the purpose of using IT Outsourcing services?

Businesses are tending to use technology freelancers or outsourced IT services to support the company’s activities instead of hiring full-time employees. Because in fact, official IT staff, although highly qualified, may not be able to fix all technology problems. Meanwhile outsourcing services can do this. The staff here is gathered from the “talent” of programming, each of whom will have a “gift” for a particular activity. Therefore, if your business arises any risky situation, it can be resolved quickly and effectively.

In addition, sick leave or unexpected leave of official IT staff is inevitable. If at this time the programming system has a technical error, there will be no replacement and timely resolution. At this time, outsourced IT services will work to overcome your difficulties immediately.

What is the purpose of using IT Outsourcing services?

What role do IT services for businesses play?

IT services that businesses should Outsource

It can be said that IT Outsource is a “versatile” service that can support all activities of businesses. These include the following activities:

IT Infrastructure

Not only large corporations but also small businesses need a quality and stable technology system for smooth operation and management. However, building a group of employees specializing in IT Infrastructure  is something that not every company can do. Because the creation of the group  IT Infrastructure  will cost the company a “huge” budget. This money will be used to buy equipment, maintain the system, support operations and even pay salaries for IT.

IT Infrastructure outsourcing service will be the solution to help SMES companies handle software and hardware issues as well as internal network operations. These companies will have extremely rich available resources, businesses will not have to spend investment costs, so they will save quite a lot of money.

Virtual Server Computing (VPS)

Virtual Server Computing (VPS) is also known as cloud computing. This is a model that is put into the computer and developed based on an internet connection. This network has the function of collecting and connecting many other computers together to form a huge common resource.

Therefore, when companies apply virtual server computing, all employees can access shared data anytime, anywhere. This creates conditions for all employees in all departments, can work while on business or at home while ensuring that they have all the necessary data.

Besides, if there is a problem with hardware or software failure, the security and information recovery work is also simpler when using the same stone technology.

System Backup and Restore

According to the exact statistics of the University of Texas, if businesses encounter an unfortunate incident, they cannot restore their data as it was originally. About 50% of that will have to close the business permanently. Therefore, to avoid unfortunate risks to the company, IT Outsourcing service was born and is the most appropriate choice for business models.

There are many causes of data loss that are: software error, hardware failure, malicious software entering the system… If data is lost due to the above reasons, the possibility of recovery is very high. short. Therefore, outsourced IT services have provided secure solutions to help protect business data safely. If something goes wrong, it can also be restored to the original state.

Computer system management

Due to the long-term operation, the computer system will definitely degrade and cannot serve as smoothly as before. So while using the computer screen may hang or even turn green, causing all ongoing work to be paused or even lost data. Businesses will be delayed in business progress, reduce labor productivity and even lead to a decrease in revenue.

But now there is an effective solution that is using outsourced IT Outsourcing services. This service can manage the computer system optimally, ensuring quick and timely error correction.

Information security system

Usually, businesses that build their own security systems will be very prone to system errors. Once the system has a problem, the lost information and documents are very likely to be leaked. It is for this reason that many companies have suffered heavy losses or even went bankrupt. Therefore, IT Outsourcing service is an effective solution to help small and medium-sized companies operate most effectively.

IT companies providing IT Security services will provide customers with the most accurate analysis and evaluation. From there find out holes and overcome the absolute risk of information disclosure. Thanks to this service, businesses can manage and secure applications and employee information effectively.

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Which units are IT outsourcing services suitable for?

Businesses that should use IT Outsourcing services are:

  • Start-up companies or small-scale companies: these businesses often have little investment, so it is not possible to build a team of professional technicians. Therefore, if using outsourced, it will save the maximum cost.
  • Large companies: The 3rd party will provide IT support to help the company focus on the core business orientation.
  • Multinational enterprise: Outsourcing services with large data and resources can help businesses grow in all different locations.

In addition, this service is also suitable for companies that want to expand their markets, increase revenue, cut operating costs, etc.

Which units are IT outsourcing services suitable for?

Which units will IT outsourcing company be suitable for?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of IT Outsourcing services?

Outsourced IT services are increasingly popular and trusted by businesses. Looking at the above results, it can be seen that this business model has many advantages that make customers trust. At the same time, IT services must also have some limitations. To learn more about this issue, follow the following information:

Advantages of IT outsourcing services


The IT team of the programming service providers are always people with high expertise and extensive knowledge of the IT field. Can support businesses in all activities such as: web design, system management, information security… At the same time, it can fix all system errors easily and effectively.


A team of highly qualified technicians can solve all business problems. At the same time, when a problem occurs, the IT Outsourcing service will have a technician to support and overcome the consequences in time.

Help save money

Enterprises do not need to invest in buying equipment and training IT staff. Besides, there is no need to spend huge amounts of money to hire full-time workers while the amount of work only takes place at certain times.

An outsourced data service company can help you at any time. In addition, if problems arise, you can contact the above companies for support without the cost of “raising” employees.

Disadvantages of IT outsourcing services

Reduced control

IT Outsourcing is a 3rd party service, the group of employees and all activities will not be under the control of the company, so it is more difficult to manage than the in-house team. In addition, if you have agreed to rely on outsourced IT support, it means that company information is no longer 100% secure as before.

Share resources with many other companies

When using Outsourcing, the company can use the endless resources that the outsourcing service provides. That means your company’s resources must also be shared with other objects that also use IT services.

In addition, MSP devices will be shared, so businesses that make big technical errors will be given priority to fix them compared to businesses that are making small errors.

Why should you choose IT outsourcing service at MP Telecom?

  • No need to arrange office and working tools like when hiring full-time employees.
  • IT Outsourcing service has a team of highly specialized technicians on duty 24/7, able to support customers to solve problems immediately.
  • Save on staffing costs. No need to pay monthly salary, bonus and allowance.
  • You can consider stopping the contract at any time if it is found that the business has come into stable operation.
  • Receive many incentives offered by IT service providers.
  • When a problem arises, all employees of the outsourced service will stand together to resolve the consequences. Ensure maximum performance and quality.

Quotation for IT outsourcing service MP Telecom

Please choose to use IT Outsourcing service if you want to save investment costs and improve business performance. Outsourcing costs are assessed to be 50% lower than companies that spend their own money to build and operate.

The amount of money spent to use the service will vary depending on the product that the customer needs. In addition, this cost also depends on the size of the company and the time of signing the contract (long-term contract will have a more favorable price). To receive the most accurate Outsourcing service quote, please contact MP Telecom immediately for customer service staff to advise and answer questions.

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Besides learning about the concept of IT Outsourcing, choosing IT Outsourcing services is the most effective solution for small and medium businesses. If your company is looking to increase revenue, reduce costs and want to expand the market, you can use this service. It can be said that IT Outsourcing is a big breakthrough in the digital technology era. Being an effective bridge to connect businesses with companies specializing in information technology. From there, it helps to manage, operate, and build a tight, professional, safe and secure technology network.

Currently, IT Outsourcing services have provided many options packages to meet all the needs of businesses. Besides, thousands of domestic and foreign companies, including multinational enterprises, have cooperated with this model. From now on, change your mindset to focus only on the in-house team and contact a third party with higher expertise. This way not only improves operational efficiency but also reduces investment costs significantly. Immediately contact MP Telecom by hotline for free advice on service prices as well as attractive incentives for businesses.

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