Customer Service in the Education Industry

The public expects high service levels from every organization they interact with – including universities. After all, families pay significant tuition costs and, more importantly, parents see a good education as foundational to a bright, successful future for their children. In this time of a shrinking college-age population, it’s key for colleges and universities to provide a great academic experience to their students and make sure all interactions with the family are productive and build confidence – from chat sessions on how to fill out a financial aid form to calls from worried parents in times of emergency. MP Telecom is experienced at helping organizations identify points of contact and outreach needed to best fulfill their mission and serve their constituents while maximizing efficiencies and cost-savings across the front and back offices.

Customer Service in the Education Industry

Customer Service in the Education Industry


  • Consistent Omni-Channel Experience: Serve up great interactions across any combination of voice, SMS, mobile, web and social channels, allowing flexibility for on-campus and remote students to seamlessly move from online registration portals to a live conversation with the admissions office to inquire about wait-list opportunities
  • Proactive Student Care: Send out alerts when registration deadlines are approaching or scholarship payments have been received
  • Mobile Self-Service: Allow students to inquire about on-campus account balances – and then facilitate the transfer of funds from outside checking or savings accounts quickly and seamlessly
  • Intelligent Routing: Make sure incoming student inquiries are handled by the best resource available based on the nature of inquiry (for example, billing, student services, or the health center)
  • Social Engagement: Productively engage with students when negative postings arise around issue, such as an increase in student fees, so you can build a positive dialog
  • Security: Secure automated tuition payments or personal student information with dynamically generated security questions and voice biometrics
  • Workforce Management: Make the best use of staff resources across campus to dial-up available bandwidth for key events such as spring recruitment and registration and the start of a new semester without hiring additional staff to handle inquiries through channels including email, text, IM and chat
  • Seamless Data Access: Get the big picture on the student experience and history by tapping into any number of campus databases and systems
  • Interactive Analytics: Capture speech and text interactions to get complete documentation of common complaints and issues parents call about
  • Ongoing Staff Training: Benefit from monitoring dialogues with students in real-time, especially those centered on health or safety issues so supervisors can quickly intervene, contacting campus personnel as warranted
  • Back Office: Enable students to quickly check on the status of tuition payments, academic credit postings or scholarship receipt. Use outbound channels to proactively push status notifications to alert students, eliminating the need for calls to student or financial services.
  • Deployment Options: Keep sensitive student information right where you want it including on-campus or private, dedicated hosting.


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