Facing Today's Governance Challenge

Governments around the globe are challenged to:

  • Inform and Empower Citizens
  • Increase Efficiency and Accountability
  • Deploy Technology with Speed and Scale

Inform and Empower Today’s Citizen
While the internet has improved self-service in government, agencies still struggle to keep up with the volume of calls, emails and social media communications that are necessary to serve the citizenry. Today’s citizen can be empowered to:

  • Check the status of applications, requests, and documents through an IVR system which can cut call volume by nearly 40% and allow government personnel to focus on more complex requests.
  • Complete more online applications, forms and documents before the citizen abandons the task and either calls in, visits the office, or goes without. Click-to-chat and co-browse features can bolster the effectiveness of your website.
  • Reduce missed appointments, uncollected fines and late fees when the government sends automated reminders and proactive notices delivered through text messages, phone or email.
  • Receive alerts that are broadcast simultaneously to protect citizen safety.

Increase Efficiency and Accountability
Budget-constrained agencies are increasingly called upon to improve efficiency in both their contact center and back office. This is coupled 
with the desire to heighten accountability within the organization and with outsourcers. MP Telecom solutions allow you to:

  • Actively manage work item distribution to speed resolution and eliminate the ‘slush pile’ of complex cases that are avoided or left to last.
  • Route calls to personnel best suited to address issues such as complex regulations or procedures.
  • Plan and train employees to optimize your workforce, reduce agent attrition and provide your employees with a clear career path.
  • Heighten compliance by using voice analytics to assess calls and provide immediate guidance to agents.
  • Gain greater visibility into the results of your outsourcers and work with a unified view of your operations by using a single solution for both in-house and out.

Deploy Technology with Ease, Speed and Scale
MP Telecom cloud platform allows municipalities and regions to:

  • Rapidly implement a best-in-class solution for contact center and back office operations.
  • Scale up and down when demand fluctuates.
  • Grow your implementation step-by-step, on a timeline that suits your budget and schedule.

With the cloud-based solution from MP Telecom you can power the optimal customer experience now and into the future across all touchpoints, channels and interactions.


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