When technology is sold by license and SKU, companies buy based on peak-utilization to accommodate for traffic spikes associated with predictable seasonality — Black Friday, Tax Day — or potential events like product recalls or advertising campaigns. This often leads to over-purchasing, leaving a lot of capacity unused for the remainder of the year.

SKU-based purchasing also leaves companies stuck with exactly what they bought. Without the ability to SKU-swap or shift to different solutions within the initial contract, they’re often stuck with something that won’t meet their future needs – for instance, swapping a portion of voice traffic to a new digital channel.

More than ever, companies need flexibility and control when it comes to the technology they depend on and the innovations they want to deploy. Genesys Choice is a new way to purchase and consume technology from Genesys. It simplifies purchasing as customers commit to a single annual spend, which entitles them to an enterprise-level discount. From there, customers have the ability to consume what they want, when they want, from Genesys Multicloud CX™ and Genesys Cloud CX™.


Genesys Choice is an annual dollar commitment rather than a per-license commitment. So it eliminates scenarios where you over-subscribe because of the need to architect for peak utilization. Instead, simply select the functionality you need without being tied to specific quantities — then scale up, down or burst on demand.


Customers can SKU-swap and turn functionality on and off without negotiations or contract amendments. This puts customers in control of choosing what’s right for their business at any point in time.

The Genesys Choice portal provides visibility into the features your organization uses throughout the year, as well as your spend to date. It also gives you easy access to innovations, artificial intelligence (AI) functionality and newly released features throughout the term of the contract. And simplified bundled packaging for Genesys Multicloud CX makes the portfolio easier to understand and faster to deploy.

For more information about Genesys Choice, visit our website or contact your Genesys customer success manager.

Source: Genesys

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