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MPCC Solutions

Small and medium contact center managers in Vietnam can now rest assured when they have MPCC solutions with advanced technology, not only with high customization, flexibility according to the scale of each business, but also features that fully meet international quality standards. The special thing is that the investment cost that businesses spend can be only 1/5 times that of buying foreign solutions.

For those who want to have a customer care system with moderate prices, make the most of the system’s features as well as get the best support in terms of technology and management consulting right in Vietnam, MP Telecom’s MPCC solution is an inevitable choice.

As a leading company in Vietnam in the field of Contact Center, MP Telecom develops Contact Center solutions, MPCC based on a solid foundation of technology and many years of experience in the field. MP Telecom’s experience has been gained through many projects deploying large Contact Center systems for well-known customers such as Military Telecommunications Group (Viettel), Mobile Information Company (VMS MobiFone), Telecommunications Service Company (VinaPhone), Vietnamobile Mobile Network, securities companies (SSI, TVSI), banks (VPBank), airlines (Jetstar Pacific).. etc. MP Telecom understands very well the needs of businesses and the features that the system can bring real value to businesses. MP Telecom has developed and perfected a Contact Center solution with low investment costs, suitable for the majority of Vietnamese businesses, which is MPCC solution.

The difference that MP Telecom makes for MPCC products is:

The advantages of the MPCC solution include:

Currently, MP Telecom has been successfully deploying MPCC solutions for Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VP Bank), Vietnam Cable Television Technical Center (VCTV). The introduction of MPCC solution marks a new development step of Vietnam’s Contact Center industry on the path of independent development and healthy competition with advanced technology companies in the world, focusing on actual needs and especially prioritizing effective investment costs for customers.

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