The managers at small and medium Contact Center in Vietnam can now be assured when they have an advanced technological solution. It is not only able to customize, highly flexible in the size of each business, but also features complete international quality standards. Especially, the investment expenses can be only 1/5 times compared to the purchase of foreign solutions.

Model of MPCC system (Copyright: MP Telecom)
Model of MPCC system (Copyright: MP Telecom)

For the company wants to have a customer care system with reasonable price, exploits maximum the system’s features as well as get the best support in terms of technology and management consulting in Vietnam, theMPCC solution of MP Telecom – is a natural choice.
As the leading company in Vietnam in the field of Contact Center industry, MP Telecom develops Contact CenterMPCC solution, which is based on a solid foundation of technology and many years of experience in this field. MP experience is acquired through implemented various projects including large contact center systems for clients such names as Military Telecom Corporation (Viettel), Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS MobiFone), the Company Telecommunications Services (VinaPhone), mobile Network Vietnamobile, securities companies (SSI, TVSI), banking (VP), airlines (Jetstar Pacific) .. v. .. v.. MP Telecom understands the needs of the enterprise and the system features that can bring real value to businesses. MP Telecom has completely developed a Contact Center solution with low investment cost, suitable for the majority of businesses in Vietnam, namely MPCC solution.
MP creates the MPCC differences which are:

  • Use saving cache technology (PMQ) to ensure data reporting in the system is always secured, even in the case of host (DB) malfunction.
  • Provides out bound features for the customer whose call is dropped in the queue (ACD queue). It makes sure that there is no missing in any customer who have contacted with businesses but not served yet.
  • Provide preventive mechanisms active / N +1 backup server, ensure that the system operates with stability and readiness up to 99.99%. The maximum of system restore time is 3 seconds after server stop, and the user is not fully aware of this change.
  • MP Telecom product developed MPCC Client SIP soft phone for telesales (C # 2008), with the ability to integrate with the IP Phone to display customer information.
  • MP Telecom understands that Contact Center is the means of communicating with customers, while the participants of customer service and people who take care of customer inquiries also need support from other tools. Thus, MP Telecom has successfully developed Knowledge Management System (KMS) software which enables storage, search and select information for customer care at the highest efficiency. KMS can be fully embedded into the MPCC Client system to bring a single interface to Tellers.

Advantages of MPCC solution include:

  • Competitive price
  • Use SIP 2.0 technology to easily integrate with other products Contact Center (Interactive Intelligence, Aspect, Cisco, …)
  • It is a total solution, including Contact Center solutions, knowledge management software (KMS), professional management, ScreenPop integration, and training programs to support customer care skills, …
  • Ability to customize, providing APIs for users to integrate their personal software systems.
  • User interface and friendly management interface

Currently, MP Telecom has successfully deployed MPCC solutions for Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VP Bank), the Technical Centre Vietnam Cable Television (VCTV). The birth of MPCC solution marked a new development of Vietnam Contact Center industry on the path of independent development and fair competition with the advanced technology firms in the world, focusing on the actual needs and especially put priority on cost effective investment for customers.

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