PureCloud Voice Solution

Add easy-to-use, fully automated, SIP-based trunking to your PureCloud application

Built for Quality and ReliabilityPureCloud Voice leverages multiple Tier-1 carriers and data-optimized routing to give voice calls the reliability they deserve. Additionally, PureCloud Voice supports the G.711, and OPUS codecs to deliver the highest call quality SIP trunking service.

Do-It-Yourself Administration

PureCloud Voice has been purposefully designed for self-administration. Purchase, provision, and manage your PureCloud Voice service anytime, anywhere via a simple to use Web interface.

Scale Your Communications

Scale Your Communications
Eliminate complex capacity planning and unnecessary expenses to support peak call volumes. PureCloud Voice will scale on demand to handle an increase (or decrease) in call volume.

Pay for What You Use

Pay for What You Use
Like setting up your PureCloud Voice service, we’ve also made paying for it simple. Our straightforward usage-based pricing has no channel limits, no minimum commitments and a simple month-to-month contract.

Other Great Features From PureCloud Voice

Keep Your Existing Numbers: Port existing phone numbers to PureCloud, for FREE. We can port both TFN (Toll Free Number) and DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers saving you the hassle of having to update existing advertising and notifying your customers of number changes. All with zero downtime.
Add New Numbers: Search our large inventory of telephone numbers all over the US. Instantly find available numbers by location or area code. Once you find the perfect number, purchase it via the self-administration web interface and start making and receiving calls immediately.
Toll-Free Support: Increase sales and customer satisfaction by providing customers a toll-free number. Port your existing toll-free number or add a new one. Boost brand awareness by creating a custom vanity toll-free phone number for no additional charge.
Inbound and Outbound Calling: Get unlimited concurrent inbound and outbound domestic calling within the contiguous U.S. for one low per minute rate. Great rates are also available for other U.S. extended regions such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, etc.
International Long Distance: Make calls to practically every country in the world with the same high quality as local calls. Our affordable international rates allow global businesses to connect with customers regardless of where they are.
E 911: Ensure employee safety with reliable, comprehensive 911 emergency service. Quickly and easily provide E911 protection by associating a valid USPS address with each phone number and having 911 calls automatically routed to local emergency centers.
“With continuous delivery of the most innovative functionality, we’re confident that PureCloud® will keep us one step ahead of the competition.”
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