VCTV Customer Service Center has officially been in operation since July 4, 2011

“It is completely safe to say that with today’s Customer Care Call Center of  VCTV , customers will really be “God” and be served in the most thoughtful and professional way.” That is the assertion of Ms. Nguyen Thu Trang – Deputy Customer Management Department, in charge of the Call Center customer care VCTV. Madam, The Call Center customer care VCTV (COS switchboard VCTV) has officially come into operation. , customers have a new information bridge with the services provided by  VCTV . Could you tell us about the preparations of  VCTV for the birth of this customer care model?

Timely grasping the needs of the market,  VCTV  has access to customer care technology in the fastest way by establishing the Customer Care Call Center. To prepare for this birth, VCTV  sent computer engineers and economists to study and consult with large corporations and telecommunications service companies in Vietnam to learn. experience and find yourself a suitable direction for the industry.

From the selection of switchboard equipment, writing business management software to the reference and selection of advanced machinery and equipment for the Call Center, all are interested by the Center’s leadership and the Customer Management Department. and choose carefully.
Besides,  VCTV  also realizes that the human factor is the key success in all fields, so we pay great attention to understanding and preparing a plan for this essential human resource.
Customer care call center is a concept that is no longer strange in the customer service work of businesses, especially in the context of Vietnam’s integration with the world and fierce competition in the market. Can you introduce more about VCTV’s Customer Care Call Center?
That’s right and with  VCTV  – the unit that has just been voted the best cable TV service provider in Vietnam in 2010, better customer care is what we always aim for. Therefore,  VCTV  always focuses on how and in what way to achieve customer satisfaction with the service. VCTV  has chosen for itself a solution that is both modern but still suitable for the specific nature of the pay TV field.

VCTV Customer Service Center has officially been in operation since July 4, 2011
VCTV Customer Service Center has officially been in operation since July 4, 2011

The business software system is written by a leading Contact Center solution software company in Vietnam. In terms of human resources, VCTV  chooses a shortcut solution when combining with a professional customer care staffing unit, then training telephonists in understanding about Vietnam Cable Television. Therefore, we believe that all customers of  VCTV  and those who are interested in our services will be served with the utmost care and enthusiasm.
Thus, with this model, the enumerators are not only the ones who answer the phone and receive information from customers, but also need to be equipped with professional customer service skills and knowledge. Newly put into operation, will the current survey team meet the service requirements of customers?
Although it has just been put into operation, this model has been conceived and prepared for a long time with the attention of the Board of Directors VCTV. With the objective of comprehensive customer care, VCTV  realizes that the human factor is the key success in all activities. Therefore,  VCTV  pays great attention to the deployment and development of this resource by cooperating with a corporation that provides professional human resources for customer care, which has many years of experience in this field in the Vietnamese market.
100% of our surveyors have learned and practiced skillfully customer service skills, psychological understanding and the ability to withstand high pressure at work. Most of the enumerators have experience in customer care and are trained in cable television in a methodical manner, and have passed the rigorous test of  VCTV. Therefore, it can be completely assured that with today’s Customer Care Call Center, customers will really be “God” and be served with the most attentive and professional service.
As soon as the customer's request is received through the Call Center, the technician will be there promptly to handle it

As soon as the customer’s request is received through the Call Center, the technician will be there promptly to handle it
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What utilities will the birth and operation of the Customer Service Center VCTV  bring to customers so that they can truly be “God”, ma’am?
With the criterion of giving customers the best possible attention and care, we will bring the most comfortable feeling, ensuring to improve customer satisfaction for  VCTV.
Specifically, some benefits that can be seen immediately are that customers are cared for and served 24 hours a day, 7 days a week smoothly in all areas of  VCTV  in Hanoi. Just call the switchboard at 04.37.717.717, all customer questions will be recorded and answered such as rates, channel content, promotions, service quality feedback… All installation requirements , signal warranty will be received and responded to the fastest by a team of professional surveyors.
It is known that before going into official operation, the Call Center of VCTV  had a test period. How is the operation of the Call Center during this time, ma’am?
In 2 weeks of testing, we have responded to all calls from customers of branches in Hanoi. The system of machinery and human resources has been operating stably to achieve the most complete customer service goal. And initially received very good feedback signals from customers.
The switchboard 04.37.717.717 was officially put into operation on 4/7/2011, the first phase will respond to all inquiries and requests of people in Hanoi. We hope that, through this, we will bring to customers a professional service style, just dial 04.37.717.717 VCTV  will really “Bring the world to your home”.
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