Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. (ININ), a global provider of customer care software solutions, communications, and cloud services, has launched Interaction Collector® to manage student debt.
Interaction Collector® for student loans helps businesses automate the recovery process of past-due student loans or education loans.
“Interaction Collector®’s flexibility and tracking tools not only help us increase collection rates, but also provide positive feedback for sensible changes,” said Troy Ortega, managing director. Account Control Technology (ACT) executive said after businesses adopted the technology.

Interaction Collector® for student loans includes the following features:
Integration with the payment gateway allows debt accounts to be easily and quickly paid to increase agent productivity and improve customer service.
Loan programs are built and integrated in the system to help reduce external integration requirements with lower costs and faster implementation times.
A machine with automated and configurable processes will help automate business workflows for faster transaction processing, higher debt recovery rates.
Easy customization and configuration allows businesses to quickly change the work interface, workflow, and report templates to increase work efficiency.
The account information query and analysis tool allows to specify the allocation and synthesis of work based on the trader’s skills, easily customize the view of the data for a more accurate assessment of the performance. activity results.

“Lender regulations and requirements for student loans are very specific, which means most businesses have to resort to manual processes that involve a lot of steps,” said Dan Mahon. “We designed Interaction Collector® to help manage student debt by automating the requirements of this complex process,” said , vice president of sales management for Interactive Intelligence. Students who have difficulty repaying their loans can be helped by other suitable loan programs.”

Interaction Collector® for student loans can be installed on-premises or in the cloud, and is scalable to support large organizations.
Businesses can also use the Interaction Collector® for student loans that integrates with the  Interactive Intelligence customer engagement solution suite and other collection apps, including predictive dialer software, analysis tools, and more. real-time voice analysis, and multi-channel recording function.
“The Collector’s single platform structure with integration of all the necessary applications brings even more benefits to organizations through minimal system administration and management,” said Mahon. stated.
Interactive Intelligence offers a suite of debt collection applications, including Interaction Collector®, a collection software that helps credit leasing businesses manage the entire lifecycle of their debt and helps their tellers collect loan accounts used for auto, mortgage, home purchase, credit, medical, telecommunications, and student loans. Interactive also offers Interaction Dialer® for outbound dialing/smart mixing dialing and for campaign management purposes. More than 200 debt management companies worldwide have trusted Interactive for their collection needs.

About Interactive Intelligence:

Interactive Intelligence (ININ) is a global provider of customer care, corporate communications and collaboration solutions, and cloud computing services, helping customers improve services, increase productivity, and reduce costs. . With a 21-year history of leading the industry, 22 patents, and deployments to more than 6,000 customers globally, Interactive Intelligence helps customers get a quick return on investment, with reliability and capability. Strong security. InIn can even provide the largest organizations with a complete alternative to unproven solutions and inflexible solutions from other vendors. InIn has been among the Top 500 global software and service providers by Software Magazine for 14 consecutive years, received Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year award for five consecutive years, and is one of seven firms. world’s best technology by Mashable in 2014. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide. For more information, visit
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