Choosing a Knowledge Management tool for Contact Center

Contact Center managers understand that knowledge management is an important process in customer service. Good knowledge management ensures that we don’t have to repeat the same answer every time a customer asks the same question. In fact, good knowledge management helps customers quickly realize a solution to a problem, if any, without contacting the support center.
But not all knowledge management initiatives are successful. So what can you do to make sure your initiative succeeds and that you choose the right technology?

Start with the process

Technology is important but the most important is defining a coherent process. The best technology in the world won’t help you write your own knowledge material! Before discussing technology, you must determine in advance how new documents will be created, how to manage new updates and old information. The amount of basic knowledge that is not arranged scientifically, is not updated regularly, over time will become obsolete and unusable material.
Depending on the size of your contact center operations, you can choose between setting up a separate group of knowledge experts or having the service reps themselves generate and maintain knowledge as part of their daily work. their day. The knowledge expert method works well with no complicated knowledge requirements. The second method is effective when the amount of knowledge is large, diverse and complex, requiring direct participants to understand.

Knowledge management, do you choose the right technology?

Knowledge management, do you choose the right technology?

Let employees participate and contribute ideas

Imagine you are a service or support representative and you are asked to write down everything you know about the required knowledge. From a manager’s point of view, do you think that just by synthesizing all the necessary knowledge, and putting it into a certain process, it will work effectively?
Large-scale processes and technology cannot function successfully without the support and contributions of the staff who know the work best. Take the time to listen to ideas, create conditions for employees to participate in the development of knowledge management systems and processes.

Consider a CRM system

After thinking about processes and people, you can finally look at tools for knowledge management. The first tool is the customer relationship management system – CRM .
The scale of knowledge management needs to fit your usage needs. If your needs are not much, this is a good opportunity for you to use a CRM system. The demand here includes a small amount of knowledge and a small number of information users (including company employees, telephone agents, customers).
The CRM tool has a great advantage that it integrates internal operating management features, sales management, after-sales service, Marketing activities and provides statistical reports.

Self-made or purchased from a supplier?

If your needs are more complex, or if using a CRM model for knowledge management doesn’t meet them, you need to build or purchase a new enabler.
Back to your needs. Often the main problem is search. Experienced users will know how to find the necessary materials. But there are regular customers and support agents who in many cases often fail to find them. At that time, installing search software, systematizing knowledge and unified search results is an effective solution. Purchasing and configuring a search application is now fairly common and easy.
Sometimes, the real problem is the support website. The problem is really serious when customers are afraid to search and are not navigated properly to do the search. Such websites still exist today. In this case, the best method is to hire a good web designer. In other words, it’s not really a matter of knowledge management.
The real problem is in knowledge management when you find it difficult to create documents, support reps have to update information daily, affecting their main job. Then you will need an integrated solution to help initiate knowledge updates, search support with a reasonable classification structure of information. Choose for yourself a suitable knowledge management system – KMS 

Source: ICMI

Author: Francoise Tourniaire


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