Vietnam E-Commerce Overview Forum (VOBF) 2021 is organized by the Vietnam E-commerce Association on April 20 in Hanoi. This is a nationwide event, bringing together the domestic and foreign e-commerce community.

Established in 2007, the Vietnam E-commerce Association has contributed to creating a favorable environment for the development of e-commerce and business activities of enterprises. Following the series of annual events Vietnam Online Business Forum (VOBF) organized by the Vietnam E-Commerce Association, sponsored by the Department of E-commerce and Economy No., Ministry of Industry and Trade, VOBF 2021 was held on April 20 in Hanoi. This event has attracted a large number of businesses, including MP Telecom. At this forum, MP Telecom officially became a member of the Vietnam E-commerce Association.

MP Telecom becomes a member of Vietnam E-commerce Association

VOBF 2021 with the theme “Transforming Today” shares the latest indicators of Vietnam and the world e-commerce market, important e-commerce trends announced by Nielsen, Amazon, Google This is a prestigious and large-scale program with the companionship of more than 30 technology companies, including the Alliance for Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (DTS).

The forum has a national scale, creating opportunities to connect and exchange between participating businesses, and at the same time share the top concerns in the digital age. The program is expected to attract the participation of more than 800 delegates, more than 10,000 views on Fanpage and millions of interested people on the Internet.

MP Telecom becomes a member of Vietnam E-commerce Association

The content throughout the program consists of four sessions around the topics “Transformation – Change – Growth – Growth”. Specifically, the first session shared on “The transformation of the market in 2021 and the platform to promote digital transformation”, followed by the second session with the topic “Essential changes for survival and development adaptation, the third session presented presented the content on “Business growth from new transformation model” and the last session was on the topic “Sustainable development and ready to face any situation in the future”. The content was shared from 30 experts. Leading prestigious experts in the field of e-commerce from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Nielsen, Tiki, Lazada, IM Group, DTS, GoSell, VPBank, Harava…

With the goal of supporting Vietnamese businesses to build and adjust business strategies, VOBF 2021 is also an opportunity for businesses to participate in promoting investment, cooperation and sustainable business development among Vietnamese enterprises. nationwide.

The closing of the VOBF 2021 forum gives MP Telecom an in-depth, multi-dimensional view of the Vietnamese e-commerce landscape and solutions to change, adapt and develop sustainably in the digital age.

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