In the middle of April 2015, MPTelecom has supplied and recruited 50 employees for customers who are Central Power Corporation – EVNCPC. The successful project implementation results exceeded customers’ expectations, contributing to further affirming MPTelecom’s quality reputation in the field of personnel supply and recruitment.

In addition to ensuring the standards of appearance, voice, and talent, the candidate must meet the requirements of a good degree or above from the Schools of Economics/IT, Telecommunications/Foreign Languages.

After researching and analyzing customer requirements, the Recruitment Board has come up with a recruitment process that ensures fast recruitment but still meets the requirements of candidate quality. More than 600 candidates participated in the test of appearance, voice, English, computer, IQ, EQ, social knowledge, aptitude and interview. The recruitment sessions are conducted seriously and with quality. After nearly 2 weeks of implementation, MPTelecom has selected 50 qualified candidates to meet the requirements. The recruitment results brought the highest satisfaction to EVNCPC partners.


Recruitment and personnel supply services are currently being interested by many businesses because they help businesses find suitable personnel and optimize costs in production and business activities. However, finding a suitable supplier is still a concern of businesses. With the experience of providing a full package of human resource solutions, suitable human resource consulting for business strategies of domestic and foreign enterprises over the past 13 years, MPTelcom is committed to always being a reliable choice. . The contract to provide human resource recruitment services for customers of EVNCPC is a proof, further affirming the prestige and quality of human resource recruitment of MPTelecom.


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