Labor subleasing - MPTelecom is a pioneer licensed enterprise

Labor outsourcing is a trend and smart solution in recruiting and managing human resources of businesses today. There are many units that deploy labor outsourcing services, but not many businesses are licensed to operate legally. MP Telecom is proud to be one of the pioneering enterprises to own this prestigious “passport”.
MPTelecom & pioneers licensed for Labor subleasing

MPTelecom & pioneers licensed for Labor subleasing

What is labor hire?

Labor hire (including Insourcing – personnel working at the requesting partner company and Outsourcing – personnel working at the labor hire company) is a term that is familiar to businesses around the world. but still quite new in Vietnam. However, in recent years, this form has begun to be chosen by businesses because of its optimal benefits.
According to Article 53 of the Labor Code 2012: “Labour subleasing means an employee who has been recruited by an enterprise licensed to work for another employer, then works for another employer. under the management of the following employer and still maintain labor relations with the labor outsourcing enterprise”. Accordingly, the labor outsourcing enterprise must make a deposit and be licensed to operate the labor outsourcing business.

Why should businesses outsource labor?

In the context of a volatile economy, increasingly fierce competition between businesses, outsourcing labor is the optimal way for businesses today to minimize recruitment costs and time, limit recruitment costs, and reduce labor costs. risks and costs incurred. At the same time, businesses will not have to worry about long-term employee training and employment policies, reducing employee-related obligations such as salary calculation, salary payment, social insurance obligations, and benefits. welfare and handling of leave, liquidation of labor contracts.
In addition, with the form of outsourcing labor, businesses also save working seats, do not have to equip infrastructure and machines for employees, especially for seasonal staff positions. At the same time, the quality of employees’ work is also guaranteed due to the “warranty” of the rental unit. Realizing these great benefits, many Vietnamese enterprises have gradually switched to outsourcing labor from short/long-term personnel to specialized or unskilled workers, .. to maintain human resources. mine.

Not many licensed labor hire units

To meet the growing demand for outsourcing domestic labor, many units have deployed labor outsourcing services, however, it is worrisome that not many of them are licensed to operate. legitimacy and credibility.
In order to be granted a labor outsourcing license, the lessor must have a head office location; branch, representative office of the lessor must be stable and have a term of at least 02 years or more; having working experience in the field of labor outsourcing from 03 years or more, .. (Based on Articles 5, 6, and 7 of Decree 55/2013/ND-CP).
Therefore, being licensed shows the prestige and experience of the business, as well as a guarantee of the legal operation of the outsourcing unit before the law. In fact, there are many businesses operating in this field but have not been licensed. This is a situation worth warning and paying attention to businesses when choosing a partner to outsource labor.

MP Telecom – One of the pioneering enterprises to be granted Labor Subleasing License

Proud to be one of the first units to be granted a labor subleasing license, MP Telecom is always at the forefront of the quality of human resource supply for its partners, including major partners such as Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone, BIDV, VTVCab, CMC, EVN, Acecook,…
Inheriting from MP Telecom’s 13 years of experience, the Training and Manpower Supply Center under the company is the representative to deploy this service with its partners, always showing its professionalism and prestige during the whole period of time. working time, received good feedback from large and small partners.
The Center’s Human Resource Supply Service includes the supply of diverse human resources in such professions as: Promotion Girl (PG), Promotion Boy (PB); Direct sales staff; Administrative staff, administration; Customer care staff; Warehouse staff, Unskilled labor and other activities that do not fall under the administrative functions of the enterprise.
Not only helping customers to build a professional working team, capable of meeting the needs of enterprise’s human resources, Mp Telecom’s Training and Manpower Supply Center also helps customers train their staff to work. highly skilled jobs in a short time with the necessary soft skills at low cost.
In addition, spacious and comfortable infrastructure, ensuring employees have an effective working environment is also one of the great advantages of MP Telecom. Besides, MP Telecom’s human resources services are also flexibly adjusted to each customer’s needs to ensure maximum cost savings and absolute satisfaction for businesses.

Think of quality human resources – Think of MP Telecom!


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