The success of the retail  industry is not just about how many new customers you attract, but how many old customers  come back to you. According to a study, the cost of taking care of a “customer” is only 20% of the cost of finding a new “customer”, but it is 2 times more effective than the cost of finding a new “customer”. Therefore, retailers should clearly identify what is the main reason that “customers” return to them:

Get immediate attention

When customers have a problem they want to get resolved quickly in the first interaction with the company representative retailbecause they don’t spend too much time making too many phone calls just to solve one problem. problem. Many  customers  call the company not simply to deal with a problem they have, but feel they want to be respected, but this is assessed by response time, sales representative attitude, call quality. call. Even good “customer” care has saved the company from serious product problems, such as the 2009 Toyota accelerator failure.

Sự cạnh tranh khốc liệt của các doanh nghiệp bán lẻ Việt Nam
Sự cạnh tranh khốc liệt của các doanh nghiệp bán lẻ Việt Nam

Toyota made a serious mistake with the accelerator pedal and received feedback from many customers. It was thought that Toyota would collapse after that hit event, but thanks to its customercare system, Toyota quickly overcame that disaster. The cost of 1 billion USD that Toyota spends (including recalls, lawsuits over the course of 4 years) will have nothing to do with Toyota losing its brand.
Retailers who are able to satisfy these needs will be successful in increasing the rate of customers returning.

Friendly with customers

Customers will feel special if they contact someone who understands their condition well. All relevant information about the customer will be stored in the database of the company retailer. And this will gain the trust of customersbecause they feel their problem is known by the company and considered as god, what matters is the attitude of the sales representative towards customer ?
Finding  customers  is hard, retaining  customers  is even harder. Many companies now invest a lot in the customer care system because the competitive advantage in price, brand, distribution channel and other campaigns has become saturated. Therefore, the future competitive trend of enterprises will be customer service. It is important that businesses use money in the most optimal way for this service, the system of information management center customer (Contact Center) will be a suitable tool to support the service. customer care.


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