The development and technology in recent years in Vietnam is opening a customer approaches to new skills over the phone offers. Keep this task in the enterprise is part Telesales / Telemarketing.

Addition to these favorable factors in terms of time, travel expenses, new sales methods and hidden challenges requires sellers to pass. 7 golden key below will help you gain experience conducting successful phone offers one conversations and professional effectiveness.


Work performance is evaluated based on customer satisfaction

1. Prepare thoroughly recorded calls

Non-standard-equipment is standard-equipment for the failure. It is the immutable principles of any public sectors. Whether you are an expert in the field of sales over the phone, you will not be allowed to ignore this stage.
Before each call, find out carefully the information about the customer and, if possible, to collect information relating to personality, habits, preferences you make a call. Please outline your book sales for the purpose of the call, the information you exchange and the answers to these situations customers can “catch secrets” you. The preparation of elaborate how much your chances of success during your phone will offer this much higher.


2. Practice before

If you are a novice, this is particularly important step for you. Remember, when you make a call means that the person you are representing the image and brand of the company. You can not “customer-target map” for his own mistakes.
You should seek the help of colleagues during exercise. Let them play you are a customer and sales staff by telephone to make calls. The comments of colleagues during your exercise will help you have more valuable experience to avoid the errors that may occur when making calls truth. And even when you have the “players” in selling over the phone, you should also take a few minutes to “imagine” the call you are about to make.

3. Let your body relax

You know, when communicating over the phone, effectively convey the message to customers is determined 86% by voice and only 14% over the content you exchange? So your posture during impact device is particularly important to the final result offers.
Before making the call, took a deep breath. Sit with the most comfortable position, hold the phone in your left hand, so stethoscope 4-5 cm from the mouth to tilt 45 degrees to ensure your voice is transmitted accurately. Avoid holding the phone to your elbows on the table or restrictive actions cause for chest oppression and affect your pronunciation.

4. Pass the smart secretary

  The first challenge that you need to overcome is the “smart secretary”. Many sellers fail due to not knowing how to pass the “door” first.
Secretary or receptionist duties always prevent unnecessary phone calls and selective calls out the importance of the hundreds of calls to the company every day. Your task is to make the smart secretary understand the problem you are presenting very important. Keep in mind, let’s talk briefly with a powerful voice and urgent.

5. Immediately attracted the attention of customers

Customers do not have much time for you, especially over the phone communication. Go straight to the point, do not try to lengthy explanations. Instantly impress clients with professional voice, warm, demure but still be respectful. You talk to your customers well, you’re bringing value and benefits to customers.
If you would like a meeting for 30 minutes or 1 hour it can be very difficult. Let your customer know that you do not lose much of their time by requesting a 5-10 minute appointments. Because you need to know, when met then 5 minutes or 30 minutes is the same.

6. Let the customer choose two in one

As a sales professional, you always have to have a sense of support and advice to help clients make decisions. Please provide customers with a final decision by choice either.
For example: “So you can see him Minh City on the 3rd or 4th week? At 9:00 am or 3.30pm? At the office or any other place? “
Whether you use no matter what method to overcome the opposition refused customer you also have to remember one rule: Finish each call to pave the way for a call or a meeting next.

7. Summary of lessons learned after each call

Experience is experience, and experience to apply immediately. If you want to become a sales professional phone you should be aware frequently draw on her experience after each call. You can ask colleagues to support himself or herself to draw lessons for the next time you do better.
During a telephone exchange, remember to use your dominant hand to record important information of customers to book your sales. Please review and retain the necessary information.
Customers say “no” does not mean they will not “buy” you have to understand is “not right now” or you’re reaching people “do not have the competence to decide”. Think and reach a more efficient method.
The tips above are just the very basic first step that any or telesales operator must also grasp. Becoming one telesales / telemarketing professional training requires professional training and work experience as well as senior management. Currently, in order to catch up with the trends and provide up demand for Telesales / Telemarketing, many companies are born with the mission of providing human resources as well as telecommunications equipment and professional. The use of outsourced services for telesales / telemarketing no longer a new thing and has been applied to most medium and large enterprises in all business areas eg Bank, Electric Supermarket, Public company offers products and services, etc …… Pick tendency and improve the quality of customer care during harsh economic competition are never superfluous.

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