MP Telecom understands that your brands are built mainly through your interactions with customers and that good Customer Service is all about having repeated customers and inspiring them to share with their positive experience with you. Therefore, we offer dynamic support for all your Inbound communications with our Managed Service.
Nowadays, businesses have the intention of exploiting 24/7 customer support system to increase the level of customer loyalty.
With the purpose of building the unity and wholeness of the brand, companies tend to meet the demand and concerns of customers through all communication channels.
In the process of contacting with customers via those various channels, companies also collect valuable information of market trend to form marketing strategy, business strategy, and competitive strategy as well as to finalize goods and services for better practical needs.
Our Managed Services for Inbound calls include (but not limited to):

  • Phone Answering Machine
  • Email/Chat answering services
  • Product Information Request
  • Complaint resolutions

Our system allows you to choose the communication channels to interact with your customers:

  • Telephone: Phone calls, faxes, voice mails, SMS
  • Internet: Email, Web chat, web instant questions, web callbacks, web collaboration

Why should you use Managed Service?

  • Increase efficiency and quality in Customer Care Service
  • Reduce HR costs (recruitment, training)
  • Reduce investment costs
  • Save time for enterprises to focus on core operating activities.


  • We dedicatedly take care of your customers on the spirit of respect and courtesy
  • We save your time, your effort and your investment
  • We are always looking to understand the operating procedures as well as every aspect of your business to perform services in the best way
  • Your success is definitely our success

When cooperating with us, your business will be committed to experience the best service with reasonable cost and high efficiency of success.


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