MP Telecom’s Auto Dialer software has the ability to help businesses increase sales and increase customer connection rate by 30%, increase communication time with customers by 400%.

Auto Dialer is built on cutting-edge technology that helps businesses improve productivity, improve efficiency and increase call volume based on the following factors:

1. Empower tellers and speed up response to customer requests

MP Telecom’s Auto Dialer software offers the best performance compared to other software on the market today. Based on the patented MPCC (MP Telecom’s Contact Center Solution), the built-in Auto Dialer Auto Dialer software in MPCC will provide you with more than 400% increase in productivity. With a range of powerful and unique features that are easy to use, Auto Dialer was designed from the ground up to easily help traders improve productivity and enhance all aspects of their care campaign. customer care over the phone.


2. Auto Dialer helps increase the number of actual transactions

This special software only connects to the teller when it receives a signal from the listener on the other end of the line. Because the software has the ability to predict and automatically filter out busy signals, disconnected calls, faxes, and answering machines. Auto Dialer then greatly improves the efficiency of telemarketing campaigns, by giving tellers more time to communicate face-to-face with potential customers. Auto Dialer acts quickly if there is no response, automatically leaves a pre-recorded message while the teller has already started to switch to another call, and routes customer callbacks to the dealer. translators with equivalent skills.


3. Auto Dialer improves campaign tracking

MP Telecom’s automated callout software is more powerful and comprehensive than any other brand on the market, offering significant benefits, including: Rapid deployment, monitoring and support services , simple and easy to use, free upgrade, ultimate performance, unparalleled scalability, multi-mode dialing, perfect reporting, friendly interface, integrated call scripting, recording calls, real-time monitoring, seamless CRM integration, and many more tools to assist you in complying with state regulations and much more.

4. Turn your call out campaign into a profitable campaign

Outbound services like Telesurvey, Cold Call, Telemarketing, Telesales will be realized with higher productivity, increased winning rate, and increased revenue. With Auto Dialer software, you get all the features you need to connect with your customers and quickly close big deals, anytime and anywhere. Find out why MP Telecom’s Auto Dialer software has won the trust of nearly 100 large customers in many business fields in Vietnam and around the world.

Minh Phuc Company Limited (MP Telecom) is a pioneer in Vietnam that has been developing strongly in the field of Contact Center & BPO for more than 13 years. If you are really interested, please call us immediately via Hotline 1900 585853/ (84) 983-266-268 or email for direct consultation.


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