With a range of powerful and unique features that are easy to use, our dialer software is designed to optimize productivity and successful collection rates.

Phần mềm quay số dự đoán cải thiện quy trình thu hồi nợ. Hình minh họa

Cloud-based dialing solution to improve call out speed

Minh Phuc is committed to helping financial institutions increase the productivity of debt collectors by providing them with the most appropriate working tools. Optimizing resources and smart dialing are key elements in the collection process, as success is measured on recoverable debts and the number of clients contacted. close.
By eliminating manual calls, voice messages, busy signals, and fax machines, businesses can increase call volume from 200% to 400%. This means that a job can be done more efficiently with fewer employees. The solution provides the ability to work from home for debt collectors, while businesses can monitor their performance through a powerful reporting system. The trader’s versatile computer screen provides all the necessary information in a single environment. Agents will have complete information about the history of customer interactions. The smart script setting also helps orient the caller during the debt collection process, automatically adjusting based on each situation, transcript and transaction history. Business data can be accessed at any time to help employees easily inform customers about the company’s policies and penalties for late or non-payment of debts, in order to maximize the rate of return. success rates for debt collection calls.

Dramatically reduce the cost and time of debt collection

To maximize access to customers, equip traders  with a computer system that works based on pre-established rules and can  access the data warehouse at any time. Predictive dialing software ensures that tellers reach the highest level of performance and comply with legal regulations.
For customers who are not able to pay their debts, you can create a separate call out plan for payment and monitoring with the CRM database system. The teller’s helpful attitude will help build a loyal customer base and lead to successful debt collection. Minh Phuc’s predictive dialer software will be the best software available today to help you send messages to customers. Customers who have not paid their debt will receive notifications to remind them to pay their debts and warn them of possible loan restrictions. In addition, customers will be directly connected to the teller to receive timely support. This is an extremely effective method to limit problems arising in the payment process of customers.

Debt recovery legally

Predictive dialing technology will help you achieve unprecedented collection rates through the ability to reach more customers. With low investment costs, easy-to-use interface, reaching customers becomes more convenient than ever. The system will allow to manage and adjust the number of connections with customers in case the object is a consumer customer.
The management system commits to strictly comply with the provisions of the law. In the US, financial institutions are not allowed to make more than 3 calls to customers in a day, so the system will allow you to set the number of calls to be made to ensure compliance with the regulations of the promulgated law, or at least not causing objectionable problems for customers. All the features you need for success include: Real-time performance monitoring, Outbound call routing based on skill group, Mix dialing, Automated voicemail notifications, Tables Control and Reporting, Call Classification, KPI Monitoring, Screen Recording and Call Recording, Unified Customer History Data, Integrated CRM System and Universal Desktop Interface for traders.
For more information about Minh Phuc’s predictive dialing solution to improve debt collection, please call Hotline 1900 585853 or email info@mptelecom.com.vn for a free consultation. .

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