The emulation movement at the call center – Do's and Don'ts

At Call Center, the competition movements  among  telephone agents  help to improve the  KPI  in a surprising way. But identify specific needs or you will waste time, effort and money. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts tips to help you build and launch an effective “competition movement” at your contact center.
DO provide direct and frequent positive reinforcement
Employees aged 18-47 respond best to direct encouragement. Work attitudes are formed by a strong link between target activities and positive incentives (e.g., praise, recognition, and encouragement of employees). When positive incentives are delayed until the end of the quarter or the end of the month, performance is significantly reduced even though the target activities are maintained.
DO consider the timing of the emulation movement
The emulation movement for  telemarketers  in the long run produces twice as good results as the short-term emulation movement. If you seriously intend to improve long-term productivity, create a competition movement that will last indefinitely.

Nên mang tới những động viên tích cực và thường xuyên

DO break down target activities
Instead of giving milestones and achievements on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, consider the small activities that make up that goal. A small daily incentive with an extra bonus on Mondays and Fridays is far more effective than waiting until the end of the month to give out. Encourage good daily work, the results of the summary report itself will be good.
SHOULD give an option for an incentive reward
Managers are often not very wise when choosing incentives for employees. Many times, rewards are overpriced and worth little when employees see how much tax they have to pay. Certificates and certificates of merit look very flashy on the wall but do not affect the employee’s working attitude much. Employees want to choose their own awards, of course the rich selection must come with reasonable value. The best way to do that is with gift cards or shopping cards that give employees the freedom to choose what they want at the right price.
Should let employees participate in winning rewards regularly
A lot of  competition movements accumulate points that require enough points at the end of the week or at the end of the month to receive a reward. Instead, offer a prize under $10, especially with a voucher. Most of your employees will prefer a $10 daily coupon to a $200 bonus at the end of the month.
DO NOT let the reward budget be too small
Be realistic with your existing budget. With limited funds, it will be difficult to distribute to all the areas you want to improve. Select the most critical areas to focus your reward budget on. Good results with specific numbers from those departments will be a convincing basis when you propose to ask for more funding from your superiors in the future.
DO NOT include bonuses on regular payroll
When the rewards of the emulation movement are included in the individual monthly payroll, motivation is significantly reduced. This way, agents won’t see an incentive as something “extra” because of a job well done. Separate the reward from the hard salary, make it special and stand out in the eyes of the recipient, emphasizing how the award was won. In addition, agents can use the bonus without waiting for payday.
SHOULD measure ROI
Without assessing the ROI of competitors, how do you know how well they are performing? The emulation movement has the same role as any other activity, it should be evaluated and checked regularly by a control group or scoreboard with clear headings.
DO NOT overload yourself with running the movement
Too much management burden can exhaust even the best competitive movement  managers. Your management attitude and views should be made clear to all involved.
SHOULD reward management
If they want to choose a team leader, supervisor and manager to run the competition, then they should also have a chance to receive a reward. This will help these frontrunners engage and commit to the program to a greater degree.
DO collect feedback
Take surveys regularly to find out what the  callers  like and want to change. Respond to their feedback as soon as possible. Proactively solicit feedback and reward participants.
SHOULD spread information about the movement
Post comments of  telemarketers  about the emulation movement  in the “employees” section of the company website and recruitment flyers.
DO do an outside survey

A great way to gauge your competition movement  against other programs is to take a survey. You can find many free reports from anonymous organizations.


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