PureConnect solution is developed by technology company Genesys – the number one unit in the field of developing Contact Center management software in the US. Genesys is a provider of call center and call center technology solutions for medium and large enterprises, deployable in the cloud and/or on-premises, with a global network of experts. needs, serving more than 11,000 companies in more than 100 countries using Genesys solutions.

As a pioneer in the Cotact Center industry in Vietnam, Minh Phuc becomes a strategic partner and distribution representative of Genesys solutions in the Vietnamese market. PureConnect is a specialized solution for professional Contact Centers with a large scale of up to 10,000 concurrent transaction desks. With this solution, PureConnect uses advanced VoIP and Cloud computing technology, operating on Microsoft and Windows open technology platforms.

As a seamless omni-channel customer care solution

All transactions of customers with businesses regardless of communication channels (phone, email, chat …) are recorded by the system on a single interface, all information is centrally managed to help the communication process. Contacting customers has become more convenient and accurate than ever. The customer will not have to present the problem again to another teller on the next connection.

Là giải pháp chăm sóc khách hàng đa kênh liền mạch

The only management interface on an all-in-one platform

The solution is capable of fully responding to the trends of a modern customer service such as Chat or Automated Voice (Chatbot/Voicebot), Voice Biometrics, Analytics and Performance Management (Analytics). /Performance Management) and Predictive Commitment

Tính năng mới của hệ thống PureConnect

New features of the PureConnect system

  • Web-based trader interface.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • Co-browsing, screen sharing.
  • Call back.
  • Forecast.
  • Workforce management – tender planning, time off planning, AI-based forecasting and planning, long-term forecasting, shift changes.
  • Supports the PCI DSS payment card industry standard and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Integrate Lex (voice and text conversation), Dialogflow (voice stream) and DialogEngine (dialogue engine) services for voicebots and chatbots.
  • Conversion resilience for voice, email, chat, SMS, callback, social interaction.
  • Music streaming.

Tính năng mới của hệ thống PureConnect

To better understand the capabilities of PureConnect solutions 1. Connect with customers (via voice & digital channels, self-service channels and outbound call channels); 2. Teamwork and management tools (thanks to WFO’s all-in-one, workforce-optimized desktop interface) and 3. Get insights into your business (with dashboards real-time analytics & control tools, API integration and other applications, etc.). , please send questions to email info@mptelecom.com.vn, or call directly to Hotline 1900 585853 for Minh Phuc to answer.

Why should you use the solution provided by Minh Phuc?

  • Always up to date with the world’s most advanced technologies.
  • 17 years of experience in system implementation for many major domestic and foreign partners.
  • Highly skilled technical team, available 24/7.
  • Comprehensive range of products/services to meet rapidly expanding needs.
  • Being the first company in Vietnam to apply the ISO/IEC 27001/2013 information security management process in developing contact center solutions.


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