Exciting night of GALA & 3 Regions Reunion & MPTelecom 2015

The MPTelecom Gala Dinner “Reunion of the 3 regions” was held at San Coral restaurant in Da Nang with the full presence of the members of the North – Central – South regions, extremely warm and bustling.


Photos of Gala night through extremely fun singing and games by MP members:


Creative “punctuation” performance


Dance performance of the female members


Solo performance


Paper-gluing contest for couples MP


Game “green giant”

_MG_5494_MG_5552_MG_5561_MG_5558 _MG_5554_MG_5507_MG_5574

Along with many duets and top songs


In addition to entertainment and singing programs, MPTelecom’s Board of Directors honored and awarded outstanding faces in 2014.


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