Sometimes, clients still have to suffer shortage of expertize or experience in a certain field of activity. As a consequence, MP Telecom has presented the Insourcing service in order to support customers in every stage of their business and production processes.


Description of Insourcing Service

Insourcing Service of MP Telecom helps clients to create a professional working teams, which is able to fulfill the clients’ demands to use labor force effectively for a long term, without any alteration to their human resource policies.

MP Telecom’s Insourcing Service includes:

  • Remote customer care (Outbound and Inbound)
  • Data entry
  • Telesales/Telemarketing
  • Administrative support
  • Specialized personnel
  • Other activities that do not fall within the functions of the enterprise

Why to use the services of Insourcing ?

  • Forming a team of skillful staff in a short time with a low cost
  • Minimize risk and reduce obligations of business
  • Do not have to be responsible for wage payment and the calculation of compensation policies for qualified employees.

Why to choose MP Telecom?

With frequent training programs, MP Telecom is always committed to provide human resources at the highest standard, managed by clients, in charge of a part of clients’ business, to help and boost the clients’ business development effectively.
Every employee in the program of human resource supply of MP Telecom must undergo strict entrance tests in accordance with standards of the company:

  • Skill tests on paper (English skills, IQ, EQ)
  • Direct interview with the Head of Human Resource Department of the company
  • Direct interview with the Board of Directors of the company
  • Other evaluation methods, depending on the nature of work

Labor force supplied by MP Telecom entirely comes from the needs of clients, is guaranteed of quality standards for specifical skills. We have a very large pool of reserved labor force, which is sufficient to support business processes at all levels.
MP Telecom’s consultants are equiped deep knowledge of clients’ operation fields, as well as abilities to use proficiently specific data analytical tools, which highly support clients to plan and use our services in the most effective way.

Hotline: +84 9363.374.86 – Tel: +84-4-3577 1608/ 3577 1609


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