When people – workers become a tangible capital in all activities of the business, demands for the search manpower have become an essential part of the recruitment and training processes.

Insourcing services
Insourcing services

The concept of Manpower Recruitment

Despite the short existence, the terms “Headhunting” or “Headhunter” have become increasingly familiar.Those terms refer to the group of people working in the Human Resource activites, whose jobs are looking for talented employees according to orders from companies and organizations.

The process of Manpower Recruitment

Clients (who have demands for manpower recruitment) (1) –> Headhunters (2) –> Candidates (3) (who are looking for a job) –>clients.

Description of service

  • Identify the most talented and suitable candidates to requirements of clients
  • Negotiate to offer best offers to the clients and candidates
  • Provide the clients accurate, cost-effective services with the highest quality, which is specifically created upon the needs of the clients.

Why to use the Headhunting Service

  • Provide high-level personnel as expected
  • Shorten the recruitment time
  • Reduce the cost of high-level personnel recruitment
  • Contribute to the modification of compensation policies to retain talent

Why to choose MP Telecom?

  • Exact candidates
  • Exact value
  • Reliable
  • Ensure responsibilities
  • Meeting the needs across the nation

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