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IT & Telecom Outsourcing Services

With the trend of convergence between IT and telecommunication, MP TELECOM brings IT managed service packages to your businesses: from consultation service, system optimization, system maintenance, equipment leasing, IT help desk, and IT system management.

IT system management outsourcing service: Providing a managed solution to deploy IT infrastructure system (Server, Storage, Network, Database, Middleware, etc.) to your businesses. Design, implement and support after deployment.

System maintenance and administration: With this service, MP Telecom carries out maintenance, troubleshooting, incident prevention & problem solving, based on the service delivery standards and complied with the processes to meet SLAs requirements of customers.     

Remote and on-site IT help desk services: MP Telecom’s IT staff will provide remote support in case customers can follow our instructions over the phone, email or live chat; otherwise we will provide the support at your business site to directly fix the problems.

IT HR outsourcing service: MP Telecom provides highly skilled software engineers and qualified IT helpdesk staff to work in places where you deploy your project in accordance with the agreed scope of work.

The benefits of using MP Telecom’s IT and telecommunications outsourcing services:

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