Never demand for value-added services of mobile subscribers to rich and diverse as today, especially as 3G, 4G is deployed frantic. These services focus mainly on providing information, gadgets through the application of high technology based cell phone to customers as individuals and organizations. Foreseeing this trend, the Center of MP Telecom VAS studied and implemented solutions and applications, bringing “plus” for outstanding customer, including but not limited to the contents of service , brandname SMS, IVR SMS 1900va 6 × 31


The content of VAS:

  • MP Telecom deploy digital content business with three major operators in Vietnam is Mobifone, Vinaphone and Viettel. Content provided include: music, video, mobile games, applications on mobile phones.
  • Sales channels: Wapsite / charging website, app store, gaming operators, SMS, MMS.

Brandname SMS

  • Brand SMS: As modern communications solutions directly and via a message
  • Thereby, the brand now appears as part of the sender (From / Sender) or the content of the message.
  • MP Telecom gives customers quick service, accuracy, reliability, efficiency with many options for SMS package, customizable time, amount, subject to the advertising campaign.

IVR 1900

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a telephone answering system is computerized. It guides the caller to the options they need by pressing the number in a list of available (voice menu).
  • IVR can be used for customer care systems, services, entertainment such as music, friends, radio, communication, …
  • MP Telecom provides an IVR system with high openness, readiness customized according to the requirements of the most demanding partners.

SMS 6 × 31

  • PBX 6 × 31: Provides for rent beginning of connectivity and messaging infrastructure for individuals and businesses wishing to use the SMS operation as a means of collecting fees for utility services, or business content: payment in online games, registered VIP account, charge for providing information …

Please contact: Mr Nguyễn Văn Tuấn 
Hot Line : 0903.443.968   —  Tel: 043.577.1608 (ext . 1912)


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