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MPCC Solutions

Every day MP Telecom receives about 150,000 phone calls. Without a reasonable technical system, it is difficult to meet all the needs of callers. Our MPCC solution is very suitable for contact centers and businesses having dozens to dozens of thousands users.

Features of MPCC

Detailed features of Genesys system

  • The customer calls the service provider’s hotline number (eg. landline or 1900 XXXX), and is routed to the Contact Center system by the telecommunications service provider. The IVR system can then immediately perform the following operations:
  • Immediately route the call to meet the operator
  • Or allow to choose the service that provides automatic information from the IVR
  • Or customers can use their own phones, directly dial the extension number of the operator/respective professional support group across the system to meet the right person.

When an operator is identified by the system, the call will be ringed at the operator’s IP Phone or reported on the Interaction Client screen after the operator accepts the call.

  • The Genesys system is a complete unified Contact Center solution, and call recording is one of many modules in the system. The recording system allows to record calls and compress the audio files to various formats.
  • The recording module, which provides users with a flexible and easy-to-use searching interface for previously recorded files by using “Query Templates” or “Categories”.
  • A special feature of the recording system is that if the administrator decides to use the “public encryption” function for the above recording files, only the person provided with the password can listen to the recording files again. .

MPCC system provides users with two types of monitoring: Realtime and Offline

Offline: is a reporting form that managers use a tool to extract reports, or listen to recording files to control the quality of telemarketers. The CIC version allows managers to export reports from the system through a simple and flexible graphical interface.

Online: known as the popular form that managers still use, including 2 main categories which are:

  • Monitoring data of the whole system in real time.
  • Supervisor can listen to an on-going call between operator and customer, and can join a multipoint conversation.
Real-time reporting of the whole system

Agent performance report

  • Agent by line of business report
  • Daily agent attendant report
  • Agent status report
  • Since MPCC uses a connection to other database management system called ODBC Connection, it is possible to create SQL Query, SP, connected to databases supported by ODBC Connection.
  • With the strength of a software base, MPCC provides users with API and COM (C#) library functions so that users can completely develop applications for their own purposes.
  • The system configuration is designed with high redundancy to ensure that the system does not fail during operation, with up to 99.99% availability. The following functions are designed for maximum redundancy.
  • Capable of supporting up to 5000 concurrent operators.
  • Recording system: support common types of IP, digital, analog terminals. Recording capacity is unlimited and capable of recording 100% of calls.
  • Allows editing and adding features upon request.

Currently, MPCC Solutions is the choice of more than 2,000 big clients such as BMW, Honda, Prudential, Telegen UK, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Sony, Wal Mart, Deutsche Telekom, etc. Besides, MP Telecom does not just sell a good service or product, we bring clients the “solution” that best suits their business process.

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