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Now you are experiencing difficulties in managing customer care? If customer data of your company to millions? How to be a good client management? How to identify the classification of new customers, potential customers, clients or customers loyal VIP? How to retain customer information, work history between employees and customers whenever there is an incoming call, call, or when employees resign? How to confidential customer information? How to search, lookup customer information quickly, efficiently for consulting, customer feedback …

Information Management Software CRM customer MP is built to help you solve business problems there. CRM. MP MP Telecom building and developing cloud computing platforms, operating in internet or intranet environment.

Use CRM.MP is now way you solved the problem of customer data specifically for businesses with large customers which data helps administrators to easily manage millions of customers .. From there customer care and that’s why more efficient and reduce costs, especially those special days like birthdays, holidays.

Hệ thống quản lý thông tin khách hàng (CRM)

Functions of CRM

Benefits of CRM

What difficulties is your business facing in customer care management? If your company’s customer data is in the millions? How to manage customers well? How to identify new customers, potential customers, loyal customers or VIP customers? How to retain customer information, working history between employees and customers every time of incoming/ outgoing call, or every time an employee resigns? How to secure customer information? How to search customer information quickly and effectively to advise and respond to customers…

MP CRM is built to help your business solve those difficulties. MP CRM was developed by MP Telecom on cloud computing platform, operating in an intranet or internet environment.

Using MP CRM to help your business thoroughly solve the problem of customer data, especially for businesses with large data volume, help managers easily manage millions of customers.. Therefore, Customer Care will be more effective and reduce costs, especially on special days such as birthdays, holidays, etc.

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