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The OUT TO CONNECT (OTC) application is a platform to provide the best solution for 4.0 Telesales, Telemarketing campaigns, by connecting businesses with 24/7 freelance Telemarketers at no cost of management.

Using available customer data provided by businesses, OTC not only helps businesses tele-sale, up-sale, cross-sale but also makes calls via 3G and Wifi, views customer information during the call, sends call reports, views call history, and call statistics.

1. Outstanding advantages of the application

“2. Features of Out To Connect App “

“- Allows making calls right on the app
– Allows to save call status: Connected; Disconnected; Call-back; Busy; Refused; Wrong number
– Allows to save scenario status: Successful sale; unsuccessful…
– Records all outbound calls and allows supervisor to listen to call recordings
– Allows supervisor/manager to search and export performace report: call; agent …”

3. Connection and implementation setting mechanism of OTC application

Giao diện của ứng dụng OTC trên thiết bị IOS

“To be able to download the OUT TO CONNECT app, the device needs 3G/4G/Wifi internet connection. In addition, you need a smartphone headset to make outbound calls.”

Step 1: Go to App Store (IOS) or CH Play (Android) on Smartphone.
Step 2: Find the app name “Out To Connect” and download the app to your phone.
Step 3: Log in to the application using uername and password provided by the application manager.
Step 4: Perform field selection.
Step 5: Select the campaign that you are assigned to call out.
Step 6: Read through the predefined script on the application
Step 7: Make a call out.
Step 8: Save call results after ending the call.



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