Pure Cloud Platform: Một ứng dụng, khả năng vô hạn

The Pure Cloud Platform provides the foundation for the future of communication. Whether you want to spur teamwork on Collaborate or connect to your customers with Engage, our customer engagement platform offers the strength and flexibility to make it happen.

Get your team on Pure Cloud: Group chat, video conference, desktop sharing, and so much more

The Pure Cloud Platform is the First Cloud Contact Center to use Microservice Architecture

Cấu trúc Microservice có ý nghĩa như thế nào?

We won’t name names, but most other cloud applications are monolithic. A failure in one area can have a devastating impact on others, causing massive service outages for customers. The PureCloud Platform is the first cloud platform built using microservice architecture atop Amazon Web Services. Each microservice operates independently, so one failure won’t set off a domino effect. Outage worries will never keep you awake again.

Ứng dụng Pure Cloud Platform cung cấp:

Dịch vụ đáng tin cậy, liên tục ngay cả khi đường truyền Internet của bạn không ổn định

When your contact center offers critical services, down time is not something you can afford. Stay in operation even during internet outages with the PureCloud Edge™. The Edge provides basic PBX, IVR, ACD, call recording, and more. Simply install our cloud-managed appliance on your network to ensure continuous, reliable service.

Tích hợp các giải pháp một cách đơn giản và liên tục

Relieve your integration headache:

One of the drawbacks of other cloud services is that they can’t synchronize with your internal systems, such as Active Directory and Exchange. That means you have to separately create, delete, and administer users. Integration with CRMs, such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and Zendesk, can require extensive customization and become a maintenance headache.et

PureCloud Bridge: The PureCloud Platform solves these problems with a brilliant approach called PureCloud Bridge™. The Bridge is a software appliance that can be installed on your network or in the cloud, for simple and secure integration.

Lightning-fast deployment

Over the past twenty years, we’ve learned a few things about best practices for your call center.

So, we built those best practices right into the PureCloud Platform so you don’t have to. This allows you to deploy in hours, instead of weeks and months.

We allow you to choose from a variety of tried and true approaches, and turn them on with the click of a button. Whether you prefer skills-based routing, cherry-picking, or advanced bullseye routing, we’ve got you covered.

The PureCloud Platform includes easy-to-use policy managers for document management, recording retention, call handling, and many other critical aspects of customer engagement.

You can get up and running in hours with

  • Easy sign-up
  • Simple telco connectivity
  • Zero-client-footprint web interface
  • Built-in best practices

Simple, flexible, no-risk payment terms

Other cloud vendors want to lock you into long-term contracts. They hide behind a complex pricing structure that enables them to charge extra for key services. We decided early on to take a different approach: keep it simple

Pay for what you use: We took a straightforward approach to our pricing structure. You only pay for what you use, and nothing more.

No contract or commitment: Having commitment anxiety? No worries. We don’t ask for any guarantees. There are no penalties, whether you stay 12 days or 12 years.

Quit whenever you like: We’re sure you’re going to love our PureCloud Platform. But if you don’t, that’s okay! You can cut off services at any time. No pressure. No hassle.

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