Use technology to improve customer service

Many companies are applying technology in service customer care in an efficient and cost-effective way. Here’s how you can use analytics and data management, combine marketing to improve your customer care .
For small and medium-sized businesses, service customer care is very important. Service quality determines how loyal customers are to your brand and business. When the economy is down, customers are making more alternatives than ever before. Obviously, the fact that businesses “take care of customers” well when responding to questions, concerns and taking care of their needs will become a competitive advantage in the market. So businesses need to understand the features of new technology, help you anticipate customer needs, customize business processes to best serve customers, and improve business performance – helping you cut business costs.

Technology applied in service customer care

In certain industries, the adoption of technology creates a competitive advantage in business by improving care, helping to increase customer loyalty:


Applying technology in customer service to meet the needs of customers when they need it

• Website: providing frequently asked questions, helping customers to search and refer to the answers by themselves
• Email: using email is an effective way to quickly respond to customer inquiries, requests and concerns
• Communication: Using unified communication channels helps you to realize that the customer who just left a message also sent an email about the same issue a few days ago
• Software: Better management of customer relationships with sophisticated data collection tools, such as customer management software CRM

Satisfy customer needs when they need it

The operational goal of interacting with customers is to make customers loyal to your product or service. To do this, you need to provide good quality products and services, while also taking care of your customers. When new technology is applied to customer care, it means that you can interact with customers through many different channels. According to the advice of Accenture, a technology consulting company, businesses that want to use technology to improve service quality customer care should focus on the following points:
• Data analysis and management:
Use analytics data from customers to analyze their needs, wants, and concerns
• Business process:
Optimize and automate business processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency
• Optimize self-service:
Customers are the ones who best understand their needs and desires and want to be proactive in finding reference information. Find out how to best interact with your customers
• Promoting the benefits of resources
Motivate and encourage employees in improving service customer care through training and providing necessary support tools for employees to better serve customers.

Source: Inc.
Translated by: MP Telecom


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