With the growing need to enhance the customer experience,  Contact Center is getting more attention than ever. Businesses like putting it under a microscope to study, look at
Before the development of technology cloud computing , traditional contact centers were the only option. Whether you need to customize your system to meet your business needs, tighten the security of customer data, or increase your workforce to meet market needs – the only solution is the contact center.
With the development of technology cloud computing, virtual contact center is quickly becoming a solution for businesses in cutting costs while ensuring a difference in services in the minds of customers. In fact, according to research by Ventana, the two factors above are considered key benefits when businesses consider hiring a virtual contact center.

Điện toán đám mây - nâng cao trải nghiệm khách hàng về sản phẩm dịch vụ của bạn
Điện toán đám mây – nâng cao trải nghiệm khách hàng về sản phẩm dịch vụ của bạn

Given the fact that there are more and more providers of the platform for virtual contact center operations, this service promises to cut hardware investment costs, speed up payback times, and allow employees to work from home. remote, ensuring the redundancy and security of the system and customer data.

Cut down the costs

According to research by Ventana Research (“The contact center in the cloud”, 2011), “Most contact center managers have less than 10% of their full-year operating budget invested in new technology, so the deploying a cloud computing system that not only meets the needs of business development but also saves costs. “The [cloud] system is like a flexible lever that only pays for what they use. As a result, funds are used to train employees in customer service skills, develop call-out scripts, or develop new ways to delight customers.

Minimizing security risks

Data security is something that both businesses and customers are very concerned about. Today, businesses are expected to maintain tight control over data, ensuring customer information is stored in the safest way. However, maintaining operations with limited IT human resources means that employees with general IT knowledge must take on the role of information security experts. So has the IT team updated enough information to maintain the security of your data? If the answer is no, your company is facing a lot of risks. Virtual contact centers ensure your information is secured by a team of experts, instead of entrusting it to amateur IT staff.
Besides, one of the main benefits that virtual contact centers bring is the ability to integrate with existing systems – even with systems and data not available in the cloud. In fact, customer data may be under the firewall and not stored in the cloud. Agents can access information without having to go through a storage loop. The flexibility of the virtual contact center solution also allows businesses to decide how to customize the deployment platform, determine how much information is stored in the cloud and how much information is placed under the firewall.

Find and keep talented people

Retaining talent is not an easy task, and keeping employees in positions that match their abilities is even more difficult, also consider whether your business is in peak season or not. Recruiting based on geographic location around your contact center has too many limitations: you are limited to only hiring candidates who are likely to go to the center.
With  cloud computing, businesses are not limited in hiring telephoners  influenced by geographical factors, can focus on recruiting, training, maintaining quality  telephoners.. The company not only selects candidates from new sources, they can recruit anywhere.
The contact center based on cloud computing is the main driver of the growth of  home contact center agents. Along with allowing employees to work from home, the time to recruit and train new employees is significantly reduced, good employees can stick with the company longer.

Cải thiện dịch vụ chăm sóc khách hàng

Do you believe you can satisfy customers with an experienced  Contact Center, just because it is so different from outside centers. Make customers happy with many different communication channels, not just phone or email, have you thought about messaging or internet chat tools?
The virtual environment makes it possible to integrate IVR (autoresponder), email, chat, SMS features into one platform, routing customers in channels managed by a single vendor. You don’t have to deal with communication channels through different providers, with many different systems. Customers don’t have to worry about going through too many applications by multiple vendors. Using cloud technology for at least one part of your contact center means that callers have easy access to customer records. With a well-thought-out system integration plan, all of your company’s interactions come together in one place, even when it’s hosted on different systems.
The good news is that moving to cloud computing isn’t a win-win game. You can do a pilot project to assess the situation before making a large-scale investment. Leveraging a hosting partner’s expertise minimizes the cost and risk of investing in a new model.
The development of cloud computing has become an optimal choice for businesses that want to reduce costs in the process of realizing the goal of improving customer experience. Instead of maintaining multiple facilities, you can switch to  telephone operator  work from home, based on a common platform. Customers will approach the customer care center through many different channels such as video, web chat, even SMS.

It’s all about it: customer satisfaction. That means you will never regret your decision.

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